What are your garden plans? 🌳

Im going to plant morning glory seeds alongside my dads house so the vines climb up it. Not sure what else to do yet though…maybe a couple tomato plants.

What are you guys doing for gardening this year?


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I already got a raspberry plant. I’m going to grow jalapeños, peppers and basil.


I going to try some herbs and tomatoes and peppers on the patio

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o im planning some herbs and peppers as well as some lettuces, kale, and spinach. I would like to produce all my own salad greens from the garden. the kale is my winter green,

I haven’t planted anything yet, just have built some raised beds and tilled an area of the garden.

in the future im planning on growing a lot of root vegetables and more. was going to do it this year, but my mom will only let me expand my garden by 3 raised beds a year, now I have 6, eventually I would like to have about 14.

that’s all at my place, across the street at mom and dad’s I have some blackberries, blueberries which are just an experiment, and some raspberries. I was wanting to put in a bunch of grape vines but mom and dad’s new house is too close I think, im thinking of putting in a big berry patch instead now. and we also have fruit trees, a peach and a couple cherries, going to add some more of those as well.


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