Thinking about next springs garden

at the moment im leaning towards continuing my vegetable gardening next year. I have 5 raised beds. this is what I’ve decided to grow in them:

1 kale
2 lettuce of some kind
3 peppers and onions
4 mustard greens
5 tomatoes

also im thinking I might add a couple potato boxes as suggested by @ZombieMombie . I’ve grown potatoes before, but never tried the potato boxes.

also I will have an herb section, sage, marjoram, thyme, catnip, and mint

im thinking I will have to do more for weed prevention next year, as they proved to be a lot of work this past growing season.


that sounds terrific. Tell me what do mustard greens taste like and how do you prepare them?

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mustard greens taste a little peppery or spicy. I just wash them off and mix them with kale and lettuce and throw them in a salad. I don’t cook with them, just use them for salads. I would like to be able to grow most of my salad greens from my raised beds. I will get at least 3 or 4 months of salad greens. I also put tomatoes, onions, sunflower seeds, raisins and frozen peas in my salads, with dressing and a serving of olive oil for calories.

I got tired of gardening this past year. it was just so hot all summer. i was thinking about not doing a garden next year, but right now im leaning towards doing another garden. I do most of the prep work in march, and plant last week of march/first week of april most years.

and steve, my pet groundhog, may eat his share of my veggies as well.

I will only alott 30 minutes a day for garden maintanence, once the garden is already established. watering and pulling weeds. I won’t have as much time on my hands next year. so 30 minutes a day is about right.

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That all sounds great. And its adorable that you have a pet groundhog.

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haha. well he’s a wild groundhog that has chosen to live on my property. he has a burrow under my garden shed. I bought a wildlife camera to catch glimpses of him, but haven’t set it up yet. when I do, I will share the videos. sometimes I leave corn out for him and he likes that. but he doesn’t go for lima beans I learned. haha.

he did eat some of my kale this year, but didn’t touch anything else in my garden.

he may be hibernating for the winter. haven’t seen him in a couple weeks.

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ha ha, according to google groundhogs like clover you should plant him some to give him a little snack.

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Look intp getting a scuffle hoe. They cut baby weeds down quick and easy.

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That’s so weird. I was just talking about my garden today. I live in Michigan. I’m going to grow broccoli, zucchini, strawberries, basil, and probably green beans. I can’t wait!!

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Wow… that looks amazing. Fresh produce from garden of own home… yum!

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