Keeping in eating schedule

are you one of those that make a list out for a week of what you have to eat are you one of those that just grabs whatever you can when you can just how do you set your usual schedule for eating mine is at 6 o’clock in the morning 12 o’clock at noon and 6 at evening time

I’m terrible at this. I eat eventually after waking up. I eat when I get hungry after that.

I work on a budget trying to make something out of nothing. I have a background in catering so not hard for me to do. Keep trying to do the smaller meals spread throughout the day so like 5 instead of the 3. Which helps curb the munchies of the meds more. Struggling to keep a routine on it as things like the weather affect if I even feel like eating. Or even if I can face solids first thing.

I get up in the morning (or what passes for morning to me) and I often don’t feel like eating. But if I don’t eat, I’ll soon fade from low blood sugar.


Used to keep a food journal, but these days for breakfast i eat a breakfast sandwich and a mocha frappe. And rice, lettuce and salmon for lunch. Today i had chicken satay and pad thai for lunch. For dinner i have soymilk, banana, dates, and walnut smoothie

I tend to follow my brain’s needs. Everything changes season-to-season. As of late, I have been eating iron & calcium rich foods, and eat them whenever they look appetizing.

I don’t schedule or chart anything. I just grab & go, though I have made sure to keep junk foods out of the house entirely.

The only time I have a healthy scheduled doet is when im working out and have a specific goal,otherwise I eat when I have to.