What's your eating schedule like

I don’t get hungry til 1. That’s when I have brunch like meals. Then usually I eat at 6 and then again at ten. It’s unhealthy.

Sometimes I wait til 7-8 to eat my second meal and then I don’t eat again. So only two meals on days like that.

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Man you can get worse than me. I go like, a day of starving, day of binge eating, coffee day, junk food, no food, junk food, no food, and apple. :slight_frown:


I’m hungry at 11 am everyday. Then I eat a sandwich or some soup for lunch. Then again at 4pm then dinner


I am almost never hungry. I can wake up at 5 am and still have not had any inclination to eat by 8 pm.

I’m working on getting into the habit of eating regular meals, but usually can’t bring myself to eat more than twice a day.

around 10 am I have a banana or soy milk, some crackers with cheese.

around 2 I eat a whole wheat sandwich

I drink some gin at 4 or coffee

at 6- 7 I eat crap like chips and crackers and stuff.

To put it simply non existent as in anything like a set time for meals. I basically eat when hungry which could be any time of the day.

I usually have a coffee and these cracker things with penut butter for breakfast. I usually don’t eat again till 4 or 5pm. Sometimes I eat again before bed, but if I eat the wrong thing, I end up with bad stomach pains all night.

Same here. I always have my breakfast around 11.

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usually skip breakfast , on days i work my lunch is a prrotein bar, then i have a normal dinner and maybe binge eat OR on a day i dont work i barely eat but i eat like all my meals at once at night. its really bad. some days i barely eat anything though

I used to eat lunch and dinner. It would be random meals most of the time. I was not allowed to make sandwghiches like I did before my step mom moved in. My step mom moved in and changed that.

Then I scared her off and got into body building. I would make and eat pancakes for days I lifted and other loaded carbs. Then eat a huge amount of protein after I worked out and on my off days.

Now I’m getting bored of food. I get hungry but don’t like what I have to eat. Even junk food is not what I want. I’m not eating much lately so that’s a thing. I’m hungry right now even. I don’t think I’ll be getting to 200 pounds like I want so I’ll just try to maintain what I have.

I’m currently trying to get into eating 3 meals again.

in the morning around 6 am i make noodles or egg mayo sandwich, in the afternoon its rice with chicken/fish and veggies, then at 6 pm in the evening i have dinner without rice. sometimes just omlette.

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Omelettes are great! I love when my Dad makes them or I get a Greek one from a restaurant.


Where I live, it’s always, “3 hots and a cot” at the same time every day.
Meals every day at 8:00 am, 12.00 pm, and 5:00 pm.