What are your daily rituals?

I feel better when I keep to my strict routine. Everyday its meds, excersie, meditation, and good sleep. Im working on hygiene, and I brush my teeth everyday but slack when it comes to showering.

I make those four things my daily goal, and I have to say just forcing myself to do those things makes me feel a million times better.

Do you have any daily rituals or routines?


Just shower, tea and news, coffee sometimes

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I have started listening to guided meditation.
Been doing so about a month now.

I walk my dog first thing in the morning.

I shower daily.

Brush teeth and drink coffee.

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I pray to Zeus, sacrifice a virgin on the altar and clip my toenails.


First cigarette of the day in a dreamy haze with voices still echoing, ten minutes with my face in my hands realizing another day is ahead of me, my anti depressant down the hatch with bottled water, then an hour later I get on this site and am usually pretty happy. I am not a morning person.

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I get up and first goal with chores is jog on the spot for 11,500 steps. It gets better from there. I try to do routines as I get used to it and can stick to them. Whether eating, relaxing, exercising…taking meds same time etc.

I’m a creature of habit and having routines helps me function way better.

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Wake up
Glass water
Morning poop (we all gotta do it) :smile:

And on with da day

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11,500 steps right out of bed? Holy cow, that gives you more steps than the average person gets in a day. Have you seen good results doing this?

Yeah…starting to get fit at 50. I try and do a jog a bit later in the day and doing it easy. Not that long ago I would run then stop because I was stuffed…these days I keep going. My new goal is to do a 10 km run and I’ll get there. I usually get to half that and it’s good.

Simple routine and I just do it whilst watching television before dad gets up. I get through my rubbish shows before I have to cook breaky for him.

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If I have trouble with my hygiene, then I use baby wipes for my private area and some of them wipes for my arm pits and face. They are cheap and you can get a big pack.

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My routine is just cigarettes, having too many dark thoughts to get my ass up to do something better. I would like to quit those smokes, but I can not fill the void. Somehow everything without the smokes feels empty. I would need to take care of so much that I feel overwhelmed.

LOL @77nick77! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Anyway…my ritual is basically my five prayer times and coffee breaks

Brushing my teeth.
Voluntary work twice per week.
This is the routine I want.
Swimming 4 times per week.

wake up, take vitamins, meds, breakfast, workout, shower, eat lunch, play videogames, watch youtube. Go on here. eat dinner sleep. Rinse and repeat.

2x coffees
4x cigarettes
â– â– â– â– 
Make lunch
Listen to music
Have another coffee
Smoke more cigarettes
Got to work

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