What are your daily activities? How long do you spend on each of them?

Work keeps me occupied for 1/4 (6 hours). Sleep takes another 1/3 (8 hours). And I still have the remaining 10 hours.

How about you?

I work as a cleaner i am at work 8am to 5pm later it take 2 hours bus journey to home(because my job place is far away from my home)i get at home at 7pm.i m eating and go for jogging half hour and and shower.at 9 pm i go to sleep and try to sleep.unfortunately i can hardly sleep 2 or 3 hours a day.weekends i go for swim with my wife and thats all.cute cycle :smiley:

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Work take up 12 hour of my time,while working out take out 1 hour and 45 mins of my time

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That is plenty of overtime.

It’s our own business.We cover each other,mostly 11.5 hours a day

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