What do you do during the day?

What do you do now during the day?

I worked during the day mainly,my job is to serve customer and try to make some money selling.I work for long hours but spent maybe 2 hour at most serving different customer.Sometimes when there is a need to key in stuff to the computer(stock or bill) I would need to do that,now most I enjoy working

After my work I would go back and do my daily exercise,I would spent 2 hours doing different type of it,I like exercising too :grin:

During the weekend when I don’t have to work it would be a different story.I would nowadays try to get out more often to whatever places to try to be active.Meeting people,talking,eating all stuff <3

These are what I do mostly during a day,weekdays/weekends.What about you?


During the week I work 8 hours a day. Making roads monday to friday. On weekends I watch the football. 9 games each weekend. I watch most of them. I love football. I play some video games as well. And hang out with friends


Awesome bro!!Keep it up :smile:

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I don’t work. I can’t fathom working. I’m really impressed and perplexed that people can work with schizophrenia. I guess some people are stronger or have no choice but to work. Maybe someday I could work.

I basically ride my bike, train on lumosity, peak, and now elevate. I post on these forums, I do basic chores, and basic stuff to function like eating, going the bathroom, showering, and brushing my teeth. I take my medicine and supplements.


I’m also taking a finance class through coursera but I’m procrastinating badly. I have a final and an assignment due by 9/14.

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Kudos to you for getting that far on coursera…I can never get past the first lecture or two. Tough to be motivated when there’s no reason other than wanting to learn. Good luck.

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You can do it!!good luck and hope you make improvement and procrastinate lesser

Mostly I sleep during the day… I work nights so I go to bed at about 1 or 1:30pm

I also work during the day… I’m a gardener and I get to work out in the parks. So I plant things… clear paths… mulch rose beds… work with the community gardens…

then since it’s fall and my schedule lightens up a bit… I take a class at the college near by.

then I sit at home… or on weekends… I go play in the water.

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Go out with mum
Do charity shop work
And go to college term times

I wake up at dawn, pray, go back to sleep, eat breakfast with my husband, maybe go back to sleep, or do chores like laundry or sweeping, or take hubby out to run errands or shop, at 1pm we have coffee break, then I do chores if need be, and then pray and then make lunch. After lunch I relax with coffee again, pray late afternoon prayers, maybe read or go out with hubby if need be. After evening and night prayers, I have a snack and take my meds, then chat a bit with hubby and then we go to bed.

I don’t work… yet, but I go to a mental health program from monday - friday

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Lately it’s been so hot all I do is go to therapy and veg out in front of tv with a fan blowing on me.

Prior to SZ, I used to bodybuild, dabbled a little bit in video games, and worked as a security officer at a college. I did a lot of reading on the subjects of philosophy, neuroscience, and quantum mechanics.

During SZ, at least prior to being “treated” by pharmaceuticals which lasted about three months, I’d go on long beautiful walks, I’d talk to the spirits & try to help them sort out their problems, and was dieting down to a lighter physique.

During SZ, during the “treated” phase, I just lay around all day and do nothing from a physical standpoint. Mentally, though, I stay engaged. I check up on the daily news, Youtube, this forum, and recreation is basically just relaxing or watching kids play games on Twitch.tv.

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Post on Internet forums, procrastinate, listen to. Internet radio. Sometimes youtube, if I feel like it. Paint a picture

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I want to learn quantum mechanics someday.

Hahaha. It’s unfortunately much like philosophy & neuroscience, the other subjects I examined. Much of it is just blatant theory & opinion. There is definitely a quantum level of physics but it’s behavior is still under research.

I don’t do much but smoke… I’ve slowly been making progress doing important things that will help propel myself forward in my life, getting a car, job, college.