Copin skills

When I was in the hospital I learned about coping skills. So I chose writing. What is everyone else coping skill?

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keep calm and walk the dog:)

bring on the music. That’s my coping mechanism and my escape.


I write compulsively too. I also have a person who helps me through my day… My kid sis will really help me with a lot of little things. I try to ignore the world in my head and focus on the world outside my head.

I also swim and surf. Getting out into the water makes me feel safe and I can breathe easy.

I hibernate in my bed to recover. Sometimes a little too long, but it gets the job done. Over time, what I’ve done to cope is to not intentionally put myself in stressful situations. I’ve gotten to where I’m comfortable by myself most of the time. Something I wasn’t before.

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Music and reading are my major coping skills but I like to draw sometimes too.

I draw. But I’m depressed atm and can’t draw. I’ve lost interest in what used to be my passion.

I hammer things flat.

What’s a good coping skill for paranoia?

Music is amazing, I listen to it all the time. I seem it helps a lot along with writing.

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I wrote a bit to cope. Now I am working on being more mobile. Trying to focus on getting things together but it’s difficult. I’m pushing myself to do more and cutting ties with people who are negative and unhealthy.

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I am so glad to hear this… if I am around positive people, I feel better then if I’m around negative people. Angry, negative people will depress me. I get away from them. Also, angry negative people will never support your dreams and hopes.


Yes so true. The hard part is knowing when someone is your friend and when they are taking you for granted. But I think I’m getting better at noticing the signs.


Making small contacts by telephone now. My brother is much more calmer and pleasant, so I enjoy talking to him again on the phone

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:thumbsup: I’m happy to hear this. It makes me smile to hear that your family is starting to come together and this friendship is starting to get better. This is very cool news.

My coping skills are listening to or making music, reading the bible. watching DVDs, journaling, etc.

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Thought I’d bump this back up. I should be using distractions like activities, walking daily, I find petting the cats helps or watching my fishies. Games are great, solitare, cards, puzzles. This one is great