What are you depending on?

Family? Or nursery? Or medication?

I had once believed that whatever thing that I relied on would eventually vanished or ill-fated just because of so much negativity from me.

Depending on medication, nothing else. I’ve learned the hard way that the less help you need, the more help you get.


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the less help you need, the more help you get.


I’m depending on my mom for money and on my meds for sanity.


Government for all the basics (apartment, money, therapy, meds), mom and dad for extra money and then meds + psychologist + friends for my sanity.


Treebeard, you have a great source of support.

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wow, the support system u guys have is good.

What is.

(The way things are and not the way they are not.) (I know. No “fun.” But escapism dug a very deep hole for me.)

Im depending on death because it’s the one absolutely true aspect of life.

my apologies for sounding morbid I don’t mean to turn people off on life and what it has to offer and im not suicidal, it’s just that I have a mindset that deduces everything ,and for me ultimately death is something to look forward to.


My husband to not get fed-up with my delusional rants (I’m working on this particularly), my job to not fire me when I call in sick too often, my friends to hang in there when I don’t contact them for weeks or months, and my family to not discount me when I’m not who they think I should be. For “sanity”, or atleast a close fascimile, I count in God alone.

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Thats pretty much how I feel,but you are on a different level thats all…a different perspective.

I’m in the same boat as @anon9798425 government for all money I live on and mom and dad for money to fix my truck or help when I am low on money. Mom is helping me get my teeth fixed. I am so grateful for that. I depend on my friends on facebook (in Tulsa) to keep me informed and cheer me up. I look forward to seeing my girlfriend when she is off work. She changed my bed today and it looks so inviting for tonight. She gives me love and I am so indebted to her for that. I love her too.


I depend on my family for my living expenses; my schizophrenia for my consciousness; my medication for sleep and whatever reason I can find; food for pleasure; my body, or whatever is left of it, for physical health; AARP and Medicare for medical expenses; the seasons for stability; my feet, my bicycle, and my car for transportation; my sense of humor for humility; my emotions for understanding and self respect; my stepfather for a roof over my head; my clothing for shame and vanity.


myself and family.

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I can fully appreciate you sir

Are you using this name again because the other one is banned?

Nah im on a different device and I don’t think that my othet persona is “banned” the only reason that I created “Catfish” Is because for some reason at particular time the system would nt let me log in.

I depend on my meds to keep me level.

I depend on my family to help me keep perspective.


Im that my family will help me through this desolate point In my life.

Sometimes family is all you have.


I depend on myself - thats about it. And I have a great tremendous Therapist who has helped me a lot.