Relying on others

I rely to much on my mum
As I am ill I kind of demand her attention but I feel bad because it not fair because she is getting older
Anyone relate?

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Yes, I rely on the house provider much too much. I know, as you do, it is because I am ill, but I wish it weren’t so.

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I rely on my kid sis a lot… she helps me get through my day. She used to cook for me all the time… clean the apartment… take care of the money. She is in college and has a job… it’s not fair she has to take care of me too.

I’ve been working and learning how to take care of myself this past year so it’s not all on her. I do sometimes feel very guilty for how much I’ve had to lean on her.

That is something I want to change…

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I rely on my dad and wife a lot because i have a lot of trouble on certain things. I also rely on my mom (representative payee) to help with finances because i am not good with those either. thanks for family.

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I was dependent on my parents until I was 42. They could afford it, and they didn’t seem to mind, but it was still a poor showing for me. I guess if you can’t help it you can’t help it. You need to take measures to take care of yourself when they aren’t around, though.

too well i know this feeling, although i find myself putting her off more often than not lately. she wants to help but i need to pay her more and for me it’s a choice between living well and in a mess or being skint and having a show home. i need to find a happy medium i think. it’s difficult. it’s like i’m glued to this ■■■■■■■ bed at times. i need to fight back more. like my dad says, we’re all gonna die one day maybe sooner rather than later but it’s how you live that counts…my mum says, don’t just lay there giving in, fight for your life and enjoyment of it. so that’s what i intend to do. if i need help along the way then so be it. i’m not going to beat myself up over what i can’t change. i’m going to put the effort into what i can change. starting today a little but defo in the new year. i have plans for myself next year that i will not deviate from or be turned away from. i just have to accept the help once a week is all. whether it’s my mum or someone else is immaterial really, i just need the help.

I rely on my mom to do laundry and shop for most of the groceries. My parents generally take care of the house, they dont ask me to do much, save for moving heavy things. My mom and dad like to walk the dogs, well theyre overweight they need the exercise. I rely on them financially, I have a full ride to school but they pay for my food and gas and cigarettes. I dont work outside of school, I had a shiity job one summer that was terrible shifts and hours, minimum wage and hard work against a clock. It was probably a good experience to show me how using my brain in school is worth it.

I rely on my doctors. That’s just a given. I need the medications and I need the psychotherapy. I almost dont even receive real therapy, he just explains things and appeals to my intellect. If I complain he tells me Im whining, and I stop. It’s constructive therapy, explaining why I think certain things and explaining how to go about my behavior given what goes on in my head. What goes on in my head can get sort of…well, my therapist says it’s “■■■■■■ up”. I agree wholeheartedly.

I dont do dishes. I take out the trash and move things, I run errands like picking up things I need, I cook for myself most of the time. My household is a little ■■■■■■ up in how we all cook for ourselves. At night the kitchen has like four people doing their own thing and then the two dogs eating.

When I was 16 I did my own laundry and even did dishes, I felt like doing it to learn how to do it, then my sister moved back in and I dont want to touch her laundry and she uses like ten ■■■■■■■ dishes a day so ■■■■ that.

I like my cat Chuck, he is a black and white zen master. He purrs really loudly. He’s big and he’s a bit fat. His sister Daisy is smaller and skinny, she is always running around and doesnt sit still much. We call Chuck “Chunk” and Daisy “Dainty” sometimes.

Why did I just talk about my pets? Wtf. I only slept like four hours.

Hey,Shelly,I rely on my parents a lot too,but I feel I am growing up a little as to i recently know how to take better care of myself but not perfect though…I try not to give my parents trouble,that’s all I can do because they are very capable of taking care of anyone,I just try my best not to trouble them emotionally…they will be glad if I do that well…