What are the odds

Despite this being a schizophrenia forum, that my family are clones and so are people on Facebook. That they were all killed off and replaced by clones?

What would be the purpose in cloning everyone?

I agree with @ZmaGal wouldn’t it be just the same, so no reason to worry…to think about it?

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Thanks I never thought of it that way. But when I thought the devil was doing things, it was doom their souls to hell. Also they killed my parents and replaced them with their clone as a result. I don’t know what the purpose of that would be. Thanks for that point.

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They wouldn’t bother to kill your parents if they are just going to replace them with clones. There would be no real change so it doesn’t make sense. It benefits no one

That’s why I still worry that the devil did it to doom their souls and then had to hide the fact and replace with clones. But I thought it was government related so at least now know it wasn’t. But if the government did this which it had to then there would be no purpose. So I guess it didn’t happen. Thanks wow. If I’m wrong about this, I could be wrong about a lot of things.


I don’t think they’re clones.

I’m having a hard time responding because we can’t talk about religion.


It’s ok. I don’t think the devil did it with my family. It was government people from North Korea who supposedly did it. There was one person who I thought was sacrificed by Freemasons who was the closest to the devil killing.

North Korea doesnt accept outsiders at all. No way do they want you there

Yeah right. I looked up remote neural monitoring and even Ivy League schools have research on this. I’m screwed. I’m not even schizophrenic. But my bipolar symptoms felt so real in the past. Even though I thought I was faking that too, that felt real. Now since I’m considered schizoaffective, I guess things changed? Who knows what is true? I’m not depressed like I used to be.

0.000001% :slight_smile:


Do you really think so? Even though they write about remote neural monitoring in Ivy League schools?

There is a possibility that that happened sure, why not anythings possible.

The problem is, a delusion is just a nagging belief that subverts your rationality.

You gotta stay rational and scratch that badger of a bad idea until it stays in its hole.

What if it’s not a delusion? I feel like I’m on the wrong forum. Obviously you guys will all say it’s a delusion. But what if in my case it’s real? I’m going to hell guys. If I killed myself, maybe I’d be saved, but I’m too scared to. Which doesn’t make sense because it’s scarier staying alive. But this part of me thinking I’m mentally ill and also just being afraid and not sure how to kill myself is what I’m staying alive. Dying is too gruesome to me. Now maybe some responses for this poor girl over here (me). I won’t be a girl for that much longer. They’re going to give me surgery to turn into a man. It’s so messed up guys. I shouldn’t be here terrorizing you all sorry. This just proves I’m a bad person. And all the hospital stays I had, what was that for? If they want to get me why get someone who obviously just wanted to be mentally ill. And now I have symptoms of being mentally ill. But it’s not. What a trip. What a trip. I’d make the perfect spy, and suspect I may have been one for awhile. Everyone just thinks I’m schizophrenic. But I’m not.

You are on the right forum, here we know that these are delusions, on another forum people that don’t know about schizophrenia would say that you are crazy and mistreat you or try to take advantage of you.


Targeted individuals might understand. Even though I’m not a victim, but a previous terrorist. That’s why the government has used this technology on me. But I don’t get why they want to turn a terrorist into a dictator, when they could just torture the terrorist. Unless they know about hell and want to set me up for hell. But I suspect government agencies wouldn’t believe in these things. So I wonder how this makes any sense.

Idk what the majority of the thread says: but remote neural monitoring is the exact SAME delusion I had.

I assure you, the research is too early stage for it to be executed. You should seek help.

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Your ideas are so bizarre that even people that believe to be targeted individuals would say that you are delusional.

Then why do some people say that Ivy League schools have this? Did they ever threaten to take you away? Did it ever happen?