What are the most common delusions?

Does anyone know what the most common sz delusions?

aliens, hearing god, seeing demons and believing in angels?

I’ve seen this classification of the most common types of delusions:

Persecutory / Paranoid Delusions
Persecutory delusions are the most common type of delusions experienced by people with schizophrenia. These types of delusions are based on suspicions of being targeted by someone or something. People with these types of delusions mistakenly believe that they are being followed, harmed, poisoned or tormented.

Referential Delusions
People with referential delusions believe that gestures and words of others are specifically directed at them. They become convinced that they are the focus of song lyrics, books or comments made by someone on television.

Delusions of Grandeur
Delusions of grandeur are based on the affected person’s mistaken idea that he is someone of extreme importance. People with this type of delusions may believe they are a popular celebrity or a powerful political figure. Since they believe they are well-known or famous, it is disturbing to them when others do not recognize or acknowledge them as such.

Religious Delusions
Religious delusions center around misguided ideas about one’s relationship with God. People with schizophrenia with this type of delusion may believe they have a special relationship with God or that God has given them special powers.

Somatic / Body-related Delusions
Somatic delusions involve a preoccupation with one’s body. These delusions commonly consist of erroneous beliefs that they are suffering from a physical condition, such as a tumor.

Delusions of Control
Delusions of control involve the belief that one’s thoughts and actions have been taken over by some outside force. People with schizophrenia with delusions of control believe that their thoughts have been involuntarily taken from their mind. Therefore, they are convinced that the thoughts in their mind are not their own. Delusions of control may also include the belief that their bodies are being manipulated to perform certain actions.


I have to say, I had referential delusion big time! everything was about me for some time. and the grandeur delusions as well. Had those two.

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Oh - and if you want specific examples of each of these types of delusions - just scroll down through our “unusual beliefs” section of the forum:

I have the delusion that I live in an alternate reality that everyone around me is really a demon

@SzAdmin thanks

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I had Delusions of Grandeur - Religious/Spiritual delusions and Somatic Delusions.

what kinda illness did you think you had?

I think believing yourself to be the messiah would be a very common one.

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I thought that I had supernatural powers - abilities, ESP, Telekenisis, Communicating with the spirit world, Power of Empathy, etc… (Delusions of Grandeur)

I thought that I was a demi God - that I was related to RA the Sun God. i thought that I was Jesus like (Religious Delusion)

I was sure that I was dying of Lupus (Somatic Delusion)


I used to think that God had this great plan for my life, that I was a warrior for Christ. I used to pray closure of strip clubs…one club actually shut down after it got flooded…

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the shadows are going to eat my babies?

what kind of communications did you think you had with the spirit world? did you actually hear stuff or was it just a delusion? I never thought I had special abilities or had an illness so I find it interesting. Maybe, one day Lol :wink:

I remember one day I told my psychiatrist that I was able to connect everything together. I don’t know what he understood and I don’t even know what I was talking about :sweat:

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I actually thought I could talk and see spirits.

What kind of delusions did you have? I wonder if I suffer from Delusional Disorder and Bipolar?

I mainly had delusions, some hallucinations.

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My main delusions was grandeur. I thought I was someone really important and achieved a lot in my life. At one point, I started believing I was the messiah when my psychiatrist asked me that. It’s weird because I’m a woman. I also thought I was the mother of harlots from the bible, I don’t even know why. Other delusion I had was something called erotomania. I thought one of my friends was in love with me and wanted to marry me. I even messaged him some inappropriate stuff. :confused: Now that I think about it, it’s funny but I wonder what he thinks of me since we no longer talk. I also had a lot of referential delusions, everything was about me. TV, music, videos, lyrics, Facebook, newspaper. I couldn’t socialize, function or do anything. I never had hallucinations. No voices, nothing.


I’m also a woman and I thought I was the messiah as well. As the meds started to kick in I moderated it to being his sister lol


I remember when I got back to reality, I was so relieved. It’s so refreshing to find someone who relates. I’m just a human, who wants to have a good life. I don’t want to save humanity.


I wanted to save orphans.

I’m so sorry. :bear: Please don’t cut yourself. I’m sure both of your parents loved you, some people don’t show it though.