What are the foreign words that you know which sounding the same in English?

I start it with Malay:

Schizophrenia - Skizofrenia

Card - Kad

Telephone - Telefon

Sex - Seks

Soup - Sup

Mee - Mi

Relax - Releks

License - Lesen

Charge - Caj

Lorry - Lori

Orange - Oren

Doctor - Doktor

Machine - Mesin

America - Amerika

German - Jerman

Japan - Jepun

Italy - Itali

Coffee - Kopi

Tea - Teh

…there are many more.

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I don’t know if you can change the title. Perhaps to sounding the same in English… as identical spelling would be:

Spanish - English
Actor - Actor
Hotel - Hotel
Chocolate - Chocolate

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a lot of german words that are used in englisch. generally all the words that are derived from another language are of the somewhat similar to their origin. a lot of russian words too, i am just not sure how to spell them and also too lazy to look it up, so here are some german words, that I know to be used also in english.

kindergarten , waldsterben, poltergeist, gesundheit


the only other language i’m fluent in is french and there are many that look or sound identical, but are faux amis (EX: coin looks identical in writing–not in speaking though–but means corner in french and currency in english), and others that are spelled just slightly off, but are the same (EX: address/adresse)

i think it’s because so many words in english are latin in origin, but filtered through french. i don’t just mean words directly taken, like croissant.

malaysia looks, not just from the language, but from documentaries i’ve seen in the past, like a beautiful and diverse country. do you speak several languages?

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I edited it. Thanks.

Thank you for sharing @p__. Yes, Malaysia is formed by majority Malay, Chinese and Indian.

Most Malay can speak Malay, English and Arabic language.
Most educated Chinese can speak Malay, English and Chinese.
Most educated Indian can speak Malay, English, Tamil and/or Hindi.

Malay language is a mandatory subject in school and college/university.
There is always exception though, anyone can learn or master foreign language such as Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean…, regardless of the nationality.

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We use a lot of english words in sweden. New things or words are not always translated completely.