Anyone multi-lingual?


I’m learning Japanese and it is hard at times, easier at others. I have a problem where sometimes I can’t even understand English, I hear something that sounds similar to what was said but it makes no sense or isn’t even words sometimes.

Does anyone speak more than one language here?


I can speak Italian.


I am getting my Spanish back.


I took a year of Spanish at community college, but have forgotten it all. I still have my book, though, so one day I may revisit it.


I speak Cantonese and I learnt German in the university. Also understand a little bit of Japanese as I like to watch anime and remember the lines.


French, Italian some Spanish because of the Italian - I understand it more than I can speak it
I speak French - cant write much though


Finnish, English, Swedish and some Russian, in the past I tried to study French, Spanish and German, Russia understanding is quite good in many slavic speaking nations such as Serbia, because there are similar words, Swedish is close to Danish and Norvegian.


I speak four languages, two are perfect, the other two are fine… I think learning languages is easy for sz. I used to hear the new words that I learn inside of my head over and over again, until I never forget it.


Finnish can be difficult to learn, because there are words that mean the same thing but are almost totally different such as ‘ihteeni’ and ‘itseäni’, both meaning myself. Then there are words from Russian such as ‘hleb’ in Finnish ‘leipä’ meaning bread, and many other words come from Swedish, English and so on.


I studied a lot of spanish while being over medicated with constant voices. So I didn’t pick it up well. But recently working around Latinos I could tell I could pick it up real quick if I tried now that I am successfully medicated. However, it amazes me when people can speak fluently different languages.


Here is one great English site.