What are some of your bad habits?

Those little things that are difficult to change and they matter when added up?

For example:

Positive bad habits: I put my coffee cup on my electric keyboard. I put my clothes on my bed/floor because it´s more convenient to put them back on. I stack delivery food bags.

Negative bad habits: I don´t make my bed. I don´t wash my clothes often. I don´t clean inmediately when I make a mess.


One of my bad habits is vaping nicotine 24/7.

  1. I press my lips.
  2. I don’t do much housework.
  3. I don’t bathe frequently.
  4. I wear clothes over and over.
  5. I don’t do laundry very often.
  6. I almost never change my sheets.
  7. I never make my bed.
  8. I wear partial clothes, partial pj’s to bed.

I drink too much coffee and sometimes I sleep in my clothes.


I sit on the couch online or watching tv too much. Like, way too much.


I don’t bathe often enough, and I’ll wear the same clothes for a week. I smoke cigarettes AND vape. I buy foods that I know will trigger a binge but eat them anyway. I also didn’t brush my teeth often enough, but since I bought some chocolate flavored toothpaste I’ve been much better about it.

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I dont brush my teeth. I shower 2-3 times a week. I sleep in my clothes, i dont do chores (except dishes), i chew tobacco constantly, i drink coffee even though it causes anxiety…thats all i can think of but im sire theres more

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Sometimes I’ll sleep in my clothes
I don’t shower often
I drink too much coffee (for me)
I neglect house chores many times

All symptoms of depression (negative symptoms)


Sometimes I am very sensitive to negative comments / critics. It worsens my mood. I should not take it too personal.

I tend to neglect my oral hygiene, postponing brushing until evening and then feeling too tired to properly wash my mouth.

I often don’t check my posture and I don’t keep my back straight. Besides the socially awkward aspect, it can also lead to miscellaneous health issues.

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I had a teacher on music college, after a private lesson say to me that if “I had a washing machine at my place”. That was so embarrassing that I decided to shower every 2-3 days and change my (often not clean) clothes every day till this day…

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I bite nails and the skin of my fingers when I’m stressed.

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I pick my nose, ears, nails, teeth, bellybutton, ingrown hair n nails

I also have a bad habit of scratching my nads :grimacing:

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Ooo, this one, this one! That’s me. I’m trying to get better at cleaning up right away, though.

I also have a bad habit of eating until I feel like I’m gonna explode. I’m trying to eat less now. Not easy, though. I think it’ll take some time to fix this. But I’m working on it.

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I got habits, but i don’t think they are not really bad or really good. I am enough, i don’t want to improve or change. Maybe one negative habit is i imaging and think how thing(k)s would be when i change? Something like don’t smoke, no alcohol, exercise, loose weight. It would be a character change. I am happy how i am, i accepted what i am and stay that way. I am what i am.

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Probably one of my bad habits is visiting this site too much.

I feel as if a big crackdown on alternative medicine is coming, and I don’t know whether this site will be in the crosshairs.


Is it bad? Idk, I count. Sometimes a lot. I also smoke or vape. I pick my scalp. I pile everything that I need to do on my coffee table or kitchen table to remind me to do it, then they are always full of crap until I get motivated one day and do it all. Then I immediately start piling them up again. The person I pay to help me clean wants to help clean off the tables and doesn’t understand why I won’t let her. It’s a system my dear.


I got a medal for visiting the site often.


It’a nasty habit. I pick my nose and collect the mining in jars. So far I have collected 10 pounds that I have saved over the last 15 years.

Jk :smiling_face:

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I have a bad habit of telling people about my bad habits.



I consume way too much caffeine and I spend way too much time on the internet.

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