My bad habits have gotten worse

All the stress of current events and my host of household issues is really starting to show.

I’ve started picking at my nails and hair again.

Really bad habits.

I don’t really know how to control them and there’s no end in sight to the stresses.

Maybe I’ll paint my nails, makes it harder to pick.

What are your bad habits?

How do you control them during times of crisis?


I think my main bad habits are just to gravitate towards comfort foods and binge eating.

On the flip side, controlling my eating habits is also kind of a bad habit too since that implies I’m not really going along with what is more natural to eat or what I would like to eat.

Otherwise, if I’m super stressed and not speaking up about my stressors then I get motor tics like tongue clicking and fidgeting in a chair.

I don’t get the motor tics anymore because I guess I learned to speak up more when people are stressing me. I have to learn that I have boundaries and there isn’t anything wrong with that. And people aren’t psychic so… kind of have to speak up to them.

Do you not have any friends or anyone to vent to or maybe to help you out? Some people like to feel useful in that way.

Otherwise at present I just listen to some music and try to slow my mind down and breathe more deeply.

Music drowns out all the irritating people in my life who I fail to realize will not understand me lol…

It feels unhealthy though long-term but it keeps me from dwelling on the negative stuff - too much…


I isolate. It’s pathological how much I require being alone and how little patience I have about communicating with others.


I Don’t Really Have Any “bad habits”.

I Smoke. I Drink Soda.

I Wanna Go Vegan.

I Sleep On My Own Spiritual Timer.

Usually After One Night of Good Sleep, I’m Wired For Two Days.

And I Can’t Let The Universe Go.

I Speak With Insects. As Long as They Follow The Rules And Stay Outside, I’ll Sit And Talk All Day.

Last Night a Fairly Large Spider Visited Me.

Two Days Ago a Very LARGE Moth Was by The Front Door. Completely Still (As Always). Never Seen One That Large Before. Kinda Like Silence of The Lambs. Or That Aurora (Artist) Album Cover. I Think Debut Album. I Mean Not Human Like, But Still Large. (That Would Be Really Strange But Insanely Funny to See). People Watching And Such.

Three Days Ago, I Played With a Fairly Medium to Small Spider. He Was Hanging From His Thread Off The Rafters. And The Breeze Was Pushing Him Around. After He Caught My Attention. I Leaned Back And Watched Him Scurry About The Railing on The Porch.

I Grabbed an Empty Energy Drink Can And Started Putting it Near Him as He Would Wave at Me to Bring it Closer.

For About Twenty Minutes He Stayed Close By And We Kept Getting into Each Other’s Zones.

It Was Fun!.

Then As He Ran Off, A Large Wood Bee Arrived in a Sorta Frantic as if He Was Analyzing The Scent All Around The Area Where Me And The Spider Was Playing.

It Kinda Looked Like a Pup Checking Out The Scent.

Is That a Bad Habit (???)…,

To Love Nature (???)… . …


My bad habits (that I do constantly stress or no), is to press my lips together over and over and also to pick at my lips and also my fingernails.


No, it’s a good habit.

Thanx @SkinnyMe,

Now I’ll Be Able to Get Some Sleep…,

Been Up Nonstop For 4 Month’s…,

So So Sleepy… . …


I don’t have any ideas, but wanted you to know I’m here for you.


I chew my cheeks. It’s bad because I think it is working a crown on one of my teeth loose. I’ll probably have to get dentures pretty soon. Luckily, I’ve inherited enough money that I can afford things like that. I also excavate my nose pretty good when I am alone in my room. I consume way too much sugar. I’m surprised I haven’t given myself type 2 diabetes.

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Could You Please Elaborate… . …

No. It’s too gross. I don’t like to dwell on things like that.

I’ll Try Not to Imagine What You Have Brought to The Table

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I pick my nose too.

Everybody does and no one talks about it.

Nothing to be ashamed of.


Shame Game Brought to Fame to Blame

Insects Are Cool

I ordered jewelry from here and it really helps. I now mess with the beads on my bracelet or twist my necklace instead of biting my nails.



The jewelry is cute and inexpensive.

Nice find.

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All credit to @Moon


I eat my snots, I take pleasure in it. Too good for that @ATARI? When I was in school guys would leave their snots on doorhandles and on stair handles.

Thanx For Sharing, Whatever Floats Your Boat… . …