What are some favorite books?

I am a huge Terry Pratchett Fan.

I know the cover looks scary, but it’s actually very funny and cute story about how Death and his grand daughter save Christmas because Santa Clause is missing. The only one who can stand in for a belief figure is another belief figure.

No gore, no scary stuff, and just a lot of interesting human observation from a fellow who has to deal with us in the end.

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my favorite book: The den of shadows quartet by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.

It has blood in it, but it isn’t completely gory.

“The Last Samurai,” by Mark Ravina.

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The two books that I always remember vividly are ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ and ‘1984.’
I read infrequently though, I forgot how enjoyable reading really is.

Cannery Road. When I read it a long time ago I thought it was the best book I’ve ever read. I want to read it again.

That should be Cannery Row.

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I really love the Sweep series. They have always been my favs since high school.

the best book i ever read, was the first i ever read, Robin Hood, when he died at the end i cried i was nine.
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Robin Hood. One of my favorite books as a kid. Yeah, it was really sad when he died. In my book, the evil lady ‘bled’ him under the pretense of ‘curing’ him Little John found him. He was weak and dying and it was too late to save him. Little John propped him up and put a bow in his hand. Robin Hood helped Robin Hood shoot one last arrow out the window of where he was and Little John buried him where the arrow landed.

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And of course

I’m a red head who loves the fact that blonds don’t get all the fun.


Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and anything by Toni Morrison.

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I really like to kill a mockingbird too.

I just finished The Soulkeepers trilogy. AWESOME fantasy series about a young man who inherits magical powers to combat fallen angels. There’s a great suspenseful plot, a love story, all kinds of spiritual icons, and a fantastic story of survival.

The books were about $3 each on iBook for iPhone. Definitely worth it!!! I read all 3 from my phone.




I absolutely love . It’s about a type of cowboy at the end of the world. It’s really good.

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This one looks like a good read. I haven’t read a Stephen King in a very long time. Not since IT really.
(shudder) IT… :scream_cat:

Yeah, there’s 7 books. Lucky I have thick skin because they’re pretty scary.

I read up to the fourth book in the gunslinger series.

It’s a pretty good series, but it’s too long. Hopefully HBO might turn it into a television series like they did with game of thrones.

I was caught up by the fourth book. So I got to read 4, 5, 6, and 7 when they were released so I didn’t have to read them all at once.

Probably always - Lord of the Rings. I refuse to see the movie. Another fantasy - Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever. Those are the only two fantasies I have likes. Though I haven’t read newer ones. I lost my ability to read a long time ago.