Do you like to read? Any favorite books?

I think reading is the #1 way to clear my mind, sometimes its like certain books and me were meant to meet. Im currently reading a book called “The 48 Laws of Power” Robert Greene, and its one of those life changing books. Well do you read if so share some of your favorite books.

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I am reading fiction at the moment - sagas set in the early 20th century in England. I’m reading a Lyn Andrews book at the moment. Besides sagas like reading about SZ, psychology, self-help and Islam. Could do with a good astronomy book as well.

Right now I’m reading the Divergent series. I’m on the third book and I love it. It takes place in the future where society is broken up into factions. I highly recommend it. My favorite book is 1984. I love Orwell. Animal Farm was good too. It was fun to study it in school. I’ve always liked to read. :sunny:

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I love 1984… “freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, war is peace.”

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Dewey, the small-town library cat who touched the world.

Yeah…it’s awesome…I should read it again. If you liked 1984 you would like Divergent. :sunny:

I like a 50’s writer - Loren Eiseley. The Night Country by him is good.

The past three or so years I was reading quite the series about a town in west Virginia that gets mysteriously relocated in time and space and finds it’s self in Germany during the 30 year’s war in the early 1600’s. It’s by Eric Flint as well as numerous coauthors. I was devouring book after book up until about six months ago when I became…um…interested in other things for a while. Haven’t been able to regain my interest in reading since then.

some of my favorite books are:

Confederacy of Dunces
1632 series
catch 22
hotel new Hampshire
hope for the flowers
enders’ game
I don’t know I’ve read a lot of books and remember very few