What are good one liners to pick up a woman

I am very bad in this and I do not know any one liners. You may know much more.

I’m a math major, I’m good with numbers. What’s yours?

Works every time :wink:

I actually invented that one myself.

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Its in the eyes. Make an :eyes: connection.
A simple compliment, like to tell her she is pretty. Don’t go too theatrical. :smile:


You’re pretty sarad (stares you directly in the eyes in an almost creepy way) :kissing:


Lmao :joy: I didn’t mean like that.
Anyway I have no clue. My bf asked me to buy me a drink. Oh, and he said something about dark hair. But we were eye-communicating before that.

Is dark hair not the norm in your country? Blondes in Croatia, pardon my ignorance.

Have you got a mirror in your pocket? Cos I can see myself in your pants!


Just don’t start out by touching. Very bad idea.

“Hey baby, what’s up?”

“You want some of this?”

“Girl, what’s yo number!”

“Are you an archaeologist because I have a large bone that needs examining?”

This should work I think:
Sorry because I stared but you have the most beautiful/sweetest/prettiest smile/eyes/face I’ve ever seen.

No. We’re Slavic not Arabian :))

u r beautiful :blush:

Pick-up lines have never worked on me, lol. They just make me roll my eyes and write the guy off. My relationships have all come from knowing the guy as a classmate, coworker, friend first.

Something that might work is someone who seemed relaxed, like he was interested in me as a person, not pushy, not concerned about whether he goes home with me that night, like he thinks just conversation is a good use of his time. If there is any sense at all that he is insincere or manipulative, it’s over. I’m sorry to say, but then he becomes a creep who I will laugh at with my friends. Women are people. Treat them like people.

I don’t know if this is useful information at all for you.


If you were a vegetable you’d be a cutecumber

just be yourself, don’t try to be witty. something like @Sarad said, a compliment or just a gesture to buy her a drink will suffice.


May I know your name?. How about a Coffee with me ?. Something like that…and then go with the flow. :slight_smile:

Oh when I think of Croatia I think of @sarad …Lol. Sometimes uniqueness could be a good thing to finding a relationship …I think it’s your eyes that would get me more than the hair xoxo then again I’m not Slavic.

Does this smell like chloroform?

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Yeah I agree with Rhubes there. Pick up lines never worked for me, I prefer when things are natural and the conversation is flowing. Generaly when someone tells me a pick up line I politely back off. It’s an imediate turn off. Sorry to disappoint :smile:


That’s my approach. Not a big risk taker…one day ill find a girl through this method. Getting to know them first. I’m less nervous now about saying “lets get some coffee” or something to a girl I know already. My heart used to beat fast I would drink before seeing girls. It was no good. Now I’m calmer. Medication doesn’t hurt but that’s not all

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