What kind of chat up lines have you had online or when being out IRL

I just got,

You’re so gorgeous that I forgot my best chat up line :laughing:


Excuses!!! Lolol

I dunno I thought of a few good ones once ;). But never had an opportunity to use them or anything. Probably wouldn’t care anyways cuz I’m hesitant to approach random girls on the street. Although lately some have been saying hi to me or checking me out :wink: so I may consider it some time

I’m so stupid tho about this. And online I never thought to use a “pick up line” I just create convo. Maybe that’s why it never works plenty of fish lol


Someone said “I think I need some vitamin U.”

So I replied and said “no, you need vitamin M.E 3 times daily” :rofl:

I think I was shunned to the depths of hell after that :relaxed:


Is this real lol.

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Never used a pick up line online or in person, but the funniest one I think I’ve heard is: “I wish you were my pinky toe so I could bang you on every piece of furniture in my house” :grin: A little raunchy, but it makes me laugh


Oh I’m horrible at chat up and lines. I’m way too shy. I just always relied on my stunning good looks.



On that note, back at the swinger club, chat ups were never the same as a bar or discotheque.

It was more open and honest. Never had any mind games played, no negging, no real puffing up, no pretense. We all knew we were there for sex. Orgies probably 1-2 a week with unnamed strangers.

It was a lot easier.



Yeah it was real. On pof!

A line for a bar.

Points to face: “See this face? It leaves at 11:00 pm sharp. Be on it.”


A friend recently said this one, “Is your dad in the military? Cause you da bomb!” I like it, it’s silly.

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Someone use this one.

“Are you a burglar? Cuz you just stole my heart”

Cheeeezy level :relaxed:

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You’d make a fine US Navy Ship - because you’d look great with seamen all over you.

Sorry, I heard this somewhere once. A bit gross I know.


Lol it’s real funny/risqué/gross to some people I’m sure.

But imagine if you only said the first part

“You’d make a fine US navy ship…”

They wouldn’t have a clue what you’re getting at lol

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Well, my last dating profile when I met my husband said:

  • I like prancing through prairies
  • I like devouring souls
  • I like swinging on the swings, saying “wheeeeee!!!”

And… well, I married my husband, lol!!

But before I talked to my husband, other people sent me weird messages, like “will you devour my soul??” and “let’s play a roleplay! We just got divorced. How do we divide our belongings??”

Weird times, man, weird times…


Can you tell why you didn’t keep it to yourself??

Glad it all worked out anyways

The second guy with the role playing sounds like a douche.

I’ve always given the girls a chance. If I have something negative to say I don’t message them. It takes a certain kinda ignoramus imo to say something negative based upon a dating profile. But I do admit some of me “leaves it up to” other people to do say that crazy mean stuff. It Doesn’t shock me is what I mean. It’s just I never said anything mean unless they really gotta start it first or w.e. And start it they do. So yeah doesn’t surprise me at all. It was a Good story tho! Especially since it turned out alright with your husband! I don’t think you devour souls though. Does your husband think so?? Much love!


That is the weirdest, least sexy role play I’ve ever heard in my life. Did he want to bring in a third as a lawyer, too?


I didn’t really use pick-up lines. If I wanted to dance with or talk with someone I’d just roll up and ask them to dance or talk. I remember one gal asking me if I was hitting on her by asking her to talk and I responded that I wanted to know more about her so I could decide if I was going to hit on her.

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Mine was something like

I’m a ninja
I can operate a toaster
I haven’t defeated the infamous snooze button yet.

Gf messaged me first about 6 years ago :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::relaxed:


I asked someone at school if I could borrow a pen… so I can write down your number? Thats the only thing close to a line that I ever said.

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