What anti psychotic med makes you gain NO weight

is there any? does anyone know? zyprexa is a good med but makes one gain weight

I was on stelazine age 18 for ten years and I had no weight gain it kind of worked for me but I had mood problems and didn’t get on with people however I was able to work full time which not able to do on new meds

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for me it was haldol, no weight gain whatsoever. but i got switched to xeplion, which made me put on 30 kilos, because you only need to take it once a month.


i will google both stelazine and haldol, thanks @shellys12 and @danddolo

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Abilify is another one no weight gain

Geodon and Seroquel have both been weight neutral for me.

Fat fabulous and filthy rich

5 years ago was my last psychotic episode due too changing from zyprexa to abilify, i was in hospital for 3 weeks

Geodon or Latuda yo

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Gotta just stand up while on your phone. Do sprints daily. Eat marginally.

I’m on clozaril ten years and been out of hospital but my life is restricted and I loooong to be better. Sometimes I want go back on sulpiride but am too scared to change again and I might not be any better

That and eat fiber

its great too hear no weight gain on them meds, im worried because the last time i was changing meds i landed up in hospital

Can understand that worry but say if u did end up back in hospital they could put u back on the drug that worked
I know it’s unpleasant to go hospital though

it might be impossible for me to change meds, im taking zyprexa 15 years

if i win money i might join a gym, i did for 8 months before and lost a lot of weight, but put it all back on throughout the years

I take a 40 min walk every day straight after breakfast

i should be 12 and a half stone, im 6 foot 1…my current weight is 17 stone

Wow 17 stone!
I’m female 5 ft 5 inches and weight 12stone 3 I would like to lose a stone
Yes you definitely need to shift some weight. I’m sure you can do it

i know im way over weight, i used to walk for 3 hours a day, and then i gave up, i need to get back now…

in my profile pic im 12 and a half stone, that was in 2007 when my son was born…

i need to get back my health and weight control