Antipsychotic without weight gain

Does anyone know of an oral or injected antipsychotic medication that doesn’t cause weight gain? Have you lost weight on it?

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I lost weight on risperidone. I had zero appetite and had to force myself to eat.

But I was told that is not a common side effect.

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Abilify is supposed to be weight neutral. Geoden the same.

It all depends on you. I gained all my weight on risperdal. Maintained on zyprexa and abilify. We are all different how you respond to meds!

More important is getting your head right and you always have to respect eating and exercise. It’s just our lot. Eat low calories and exercise more!

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I gained a crapton of weight on zyprexa and I happened to quit smoking around that time, which didn’t help. When I switched back to just risperdal for my ap, I stayed at around the same weight, and had to work really hard to lose 30-35 pounds.

Now I’m at around 225 pounds, and struggling to lose more weight. Changing to a new ap tonight or tomorrow, we’ll see if it helps. It’s invega, and is supposed to have less side effects than risperdal.

I have lost weight on invega however I take topiramate for epilepsy and apparently it helps prevent weight gain so I think that has always suppressed weight gain for me on AP. Still though I noticed some weight loss on it compared to qutiapine

I gained all my weight on zyprexa. Gained more from resperidone and sustenna. Maintained with haldol. And now I’m going on abilify and hopefully my metabolism will kick back in and isn’t ruined.

What mg Topiramate?

I lost weight and kept it off while taking Risperdal Consta injections, Geodon, and Seroqel all at once.

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It’s an anti seizure medication but can also be used as a mood stabilised. I take it for epilepsy.

I take it… was asking dosage…I take 100mg at night … no weight gain

ive been able to lose weight on rexulti

I am on 400mg a day. 200mg morning and 200mg bedtime.

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Ok I took a higher dose before but I had a rare side effect so I had to come off of it for a while

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I went from 250 to 234 on invega 9mg .

Geodon actually made me lose weight because it completely took away my appetite. I didn’t gain any weight on abilify, Latuda or seroquel. However Latuda I wasn’t on for very long and seroquel I was on a subtherapeutic dose.

Geodon, Latuda, and Abilify are all supposed to be more weight-neutral. I lost 40 lbs on geodon. But every med affects every person differently.

I’m on 200mg of seroquel and I’m losing weight.

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I’m RxD 100mg Seroquel nightly but only take 50 cause it makes me so sleepy … I take Topamax at night and Vyvanse daily also… Dr said with those meds combined it might cause weight LOSS… but I’m terrible at taking me meds correctly … so I will never know the outcome

But I hve read a low dose of Seroquel causes weight loss… idk how low tho