What age were you sexually active..?

what age were you sexually active…?

I lost my virginity at sixteen.

i was about 11,

I fantasized about men having sex with each other before the age of 6 and I had no idea how two men could do it lol (so I thought they just sword fought). My first sexual experience was around 10-11 with a girl. Now I’m a homoromantic asexual.

I was abused throughout childhood, raped at eighteen, but sought out my first relationship when I was 26.

First attempt at 24 was a disaster. First successful intercourse at 26.

Me and my friends used to fool around a little with the neighborhood girls when we were 13 or 14. I got my first kiss when I was 13 in a Truth or Dare game. It was just a brief kiss.

I actually never made out with a girl until I was in my first psyche ward when I was 19. Some girl I had been paying some attention to just walked up to me one night when no one was around and got in close to me and started kissing me. I think we heard someone coming so we broke it of. Half an hour later I was alone in the exercise room listening to Simon & Garfunkel on the record player (yes, it was that long ago) and she came in and eventually asked me if I wanted to have sex. I said sure but right when I was 5 seconds away from losing my virginity, a nurse came in and told us to put our clothes back on.

The nurses station was right outside the room and I had to walk by them to get to my room. They said they were disappointed in me for what I almost did. From the psyche ward I moved into Soteria House and I turned twenty there and finally lost my virginity to a cute 22 year old girl with a killer body.

Now all that may sound great (maybe not) but if you knew me when I was growing up you would know what a miracle it was that I EVER lost my virginity all. I was not the best-looking guy or the smoothest guy with girls while I was growing up.

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i started too young i guess

I was 14…

I was 36.

I had a long and difficult prodrome where I was very shy, and after developing sz it was very difficult to learn all the social skills I missed in my prodrome. Dating with sz is kinda of a minefield on a good day, but adding virginity to the mix made it that much tougher.

I was molested from 6 to 10 by a close family friend.i had my first healthy sexual relationship with my partner when I was 20 years old.

I was unwillingly active I guess around 6 or 7

I had a babysitter chick that was kinda sick.

I was 17 before being a willing participant.

I lost mine at 17. Developed a taste for it so the following year saw me doing all kinds of crazy stuff with my girlfriend, until she vanished.

I was 16 and drunk at the time. It wasn’t that great if I remember… in fact… it was pretty embarrassing.

So it goes… So it goes…

My first time I got an extra thin condom. At the advice from a friend. (He said it hold it all back). Yeah that worked( sarcasm).

I was pretty desperate to lose my virginity. I remember when I first started getting sick when I was 19 I was at the bowling alley by myself one night,. I saw a girl my age who worked there cleaning out restrooms. She was kind of, umm overweight and not pretty. But I thought, maybe, somehow, I could get her. I saw her come out of the women’s restroom carrying some dirty diapers someone had thrown away. It grossed me out but then the realization hit me that I couldn’t get her in a million years. And my next realization was that if I couldn’t get a girl like her, then I couldn’t get ANY girl. it was a sobering, depressing realization. An epiphany of how my life was going to go. But when I got sick I got lucky a few times.


I had a cousin who used to say. Everyone gets their dick in a bottle at some point. Lol he meant pussy.

I agree. The law of averages almost guarantees that people will lose their virginity sooner or later. Even if it’s just because someone feels sorry for you and wants to do you a favor by sleeping with you.

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I hope what both of you say is true…I heard some people haven’t lose theory virginity at age 35

There’s exceptions to every rule, Gtx. Yes, there are 35 year old virgins. And 40, 50,and 60, year old virgins. And some people live their whole lives without having sex. But most people I’ve known over the years have lost their virginity. Because there’s girls out there desperate to lose their virginity too! Girls are unpredictable. Humans are unpredictable. I’ve seen girls sleep with guys that I never would have believed in a million years that they would. I’m far from being an expert on sex., though. It always surprised me when I got lucky with girls.

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