What age did you get your first kiss?

What age did you get your first kiss?

I am already 24 years old,and haven’t get any not even close,feel like it’s getting later and later…

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I was a late bloomer. I had my first kiss at 18. It was spin the bottle. I had only had one relationship prior which didn’t go beyond holding hands.

I wish you the best of luck. I can give you advice if you’d like?

I understand the quiet desperation of it. It has been many moons since I went beyond a hug in a relationship.

I got my first kiss at 17.

Pls give your advice via pm or here,I feel I lack motivation and passion to fall in life,am just a passive guy…

21…i think, might have been 22 .
take care

No worries man sometimes you just got to settle for the oddball chick. It’s easier in high school when everybody’s about that. Best advice I can give you now is don’t make it a big deal because it’s not to anyone else. Just find a girl you like and start talking if you find she likes you back then you may have a chance at kissing. I’m a passive guy too but kissing isn’t what I’m worried about. Take care man don’t be hard on yourself

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I was 21 or 22. And since that guy, I kissed one other guy when I was 26. Haven’t kissed anyone since then.

5 years old. With my cute girlfriend Kimmy. I started off fine but I didn’t kiss another girl until I was 13, when me and my friends were playing truth or dare with some of the girls in my neighborhood. I actually felt a girls breast months before I got that kiss. Not TMI I hope. Anyway, any of you guys reading this are probably wondering how someone like me on these forums could beat you to a first kiss. It’s amazing to me too because I am not good looking to most people. Lets call a spade a spade. And I was REALLY unattractive in my teens. Not my fault. That was a brief kiss to be honest.
I actually didn’t make out with a girl until I was in my first psyche ward. I was 19. I liked this 26 year old blonde and she noticed and when I was alone in the kitchen one night she walked over, and kind of slid into my arms and started kissing me. It was fun and it almost turned into more but that’s another story. And I can’t pretend I’m some stud with lots of experience with women. I would bet that I have had less sex for my age than just about anybody else. Seriously.


Wow, from your picture on the “post your picture” thread several months ago, I am really surprised d to hear that Caroline.
Not to be superficial, but on looks alone, I would think you would have guys lining up to kiss you!

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Thanks, 77nick77. When I was younger, I was focused on an acting career, not so much boyfriends. And then when I was older, well, it’s just hard to meet decent men.

Well good luck now. …

Its not really about the amount it only takes one time to know what its like. TO NICK man im suprised you remember so much about your life. Im half your age and ive forgotten most of mine

Stuff in my past just comes to me.

I’ve had a lot of sex and romance.

People talk to me about human beings seeking pleasure and trying to avoid pain, but I don’t identify with that explanation of my own motivations. I understand that sex and romance can be tremendously pleasurable and, alternately, can be rather painful, but those didn’t seem to be my motivators. Sex and romance was just something I felt like I had to experience.

I’m kind of fortunate, I guess, that what I desired in the way of sex and romance and the culture in which I found myself blended together to make my pursuits not so terribly difficult.

I would imagine if a guy like myself had not kissed a gal until he was greater than 30 years of age, for example, it wouldn’t have made things impossible. I mean, a lot about sex and romance is learned behavior, and it is not like something that has to be learned before age 30, for example.

I didn’t think having a high sex drive was a great thing when I was in midst of it, but it surely did motivate me to engage in life! I mean, when you meet me, my hair is clean. My hair is clean because, in general, gals like fellas with clean hair!


I was 14 going on 15, with my first boyfriend in High School, but it only lasted two months. Then the next time was when I was 20 with my second boyfriend. Then when I got married at 28 :smile:

Don’t worry, I got my first kiss at 25.
I’m 35 now, not really into dating and stuff like that…

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I think I was 12 yrs old? It was during a picnic - rock concert in the park. My then hippie cousin took his girlfriend, me and his girlfriend’s sister - Melissa to this concert. Melissa was my age, we sat next to each other watching the concert, and I am pretty sure out of no where she gave me a kiss. It was pretty innocent, but it was my first real romantic type kiss. It was during the 70’s

I first got kissed by a smoking-hot girl in a mental hospital at age 12. :smiley:

I got my first kiss at age 24
I am now 41
its been a long time since I’ve had a kiss about 10 years in a nightclub but it wasn’t good because it was just a drunken kiss with a random bloke who I didn’t feel attracted to

There have been lots of little smooches and truth and dare “just get it over with” sort of kisses starting when I was about 13.

I latched on to a girl and kissed her when I was psychotic once when I was 16 and she hated it and slapped me. Being drunk and slobbering all over someone I don’t think counts.

But my first kiss lucid and sober… that I wanted to happen with a girl I really liked and she liked me… didn’t happen until I was 21.