Stuck on my first kiss

I was 13. We were at a summer music camp. He turned out to have a gambling problem. Neither of us ever married. Now we’re old people who can only reflect. :heart:


I vividly remember my first kiss. I was in the psych hospital, and got kissed by the prettiest girl I’d ever seen in a brief moment when the staff had their backs turned. We also smuggled notes to each other back and forth through a stuffed animal’s battery pouch. Will never forget her soft lips and the smell of her hair.

Girls were savage in my mental hospital, one asked me to sleep in her room and another came to my bed at night, no more security, wanting to do a bj lol


The same girl wanted to go in the bathroom with me. Guys were savage too, some had sex in the bathroom and one was getting a bj in a room.

A guy was walking nude in the hospital infront of everyone and security caught him lol

My first kiss lasted about 2 seconds during a game of Truth or Dare. I was 12 or 13, she was a neighborhood girl who was a year or two younger. I knew her since I was in sixth grade. Actually, her and her friends were the ones who instigated the game. Me and my two friends were innocent victims, lol. It was a good kiss; soft, right smack on the lips.

I never did any heavy making out with a girl until I was 19 and in my first psyche ward. She was about 26 and she knew I liked her and she came up to me when we were alone in the kitchen and just giggled and kissed me and she melted right into me. I made out with her a few other times and she gave me her phone number but I lost it.

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Im not sure if i remember mine or who it was. I have a vague idea but no memory of it. I was a spaceball :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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