What about this bike?

Is this better?

That looks a lot more like what my Mum has.

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Its perfect for mum and me and you don’t even need to plug it in.

Think this is a much newer version of what we have

It allows you to set a course of different resistances. So you can do different “routes” etc.

Not in stock to my location, dammit! All the ones I like are either out of stock, too expensive or won’t deliver to me.

TBH though - it (this reebok one) has a lot less buttons. I kind of hate hardware that needs you to use an app just to use it.

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I like this too :


But my favourrite has to be this one:


How the second one seems so small?

It is not . It is actually gym quality. At 63kg

But the seat is so low I mean.

That can be adjusted I guess

Didn’t know there was Costco in the UK. We have it here in Canada. I didn’t see Costco in Germany, Italy or Netherlands.

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We have several around nearby .


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