Rowing machine vs bike

When I was at the gym I used the rowing machine way more and really enjoyed it. I’m contemplating which is better between bike and rower.

The difference between a rowing machine and a stationary bike?

After about 3 weeks, the rowing machine will tuck under your bed and collect dust for years…while the stationary bike will sit rusting out in your garage or storage area.


Haha very funny

Why don’t you just take walks outside or buy a real bicycle.
I wish I can take walks outdoors but I become too paranoid. @anon80629714

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Rowing machines take up so much space. We had one in our garden for a good few years. Personally I like the idea of indoor training but it can be really hard to motivate yourself to do it.
I may very well be wrong but I’d imagine a bike is better cardio/for losing weight where as a rowing machine is better for building muscles.

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I go for walks @Wave but I need something else to do because I just can’t lose weight with walks alone.
Even if I do not lose weight on the bike, I know I will get a lot fitter…
Also I cannot ride a bike I am scared to ride on the road with cars about.
We aren’t allowed to ride on the pavement I believe

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I ended up going for the bike from Costco. Was a bit sceptical because I never heard of the brand but if there is anything wrong with it, costco is usually good to take it back.


I am sorry you become paranoid @Wave, does it help to go with someone, maybe walk to the local shop to buy groseries etc

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Yes Costco is really good with returns.
Smart move @anon80629714

Best of luck with it!

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