I'm thinking about getting a bicycle

I want the kind for older people that doesn’t have you lean over real far putting a lot of pressure on your back, wrists and arms. I forgot what those bikes are called. Does anyone know?


its call in the handlebars. Get the ones that are upright and don’t curl around

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recumbent bicycle? where you lean back?

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I think its called EZ boarding bike


@Clevelandguy, @Lifer, It’s called a cruiser bike. I looked them up. It’s brake system is in the pedals, like an old fashioned bike, and not in the handlebars. And the handlebars on a cruiser bike don’t curl around. They are more upright. You can get them at places like Walmart and Amazon.


Bicycle riding is fun, healthy, get fresh air and exercising, sometimes meet other people…

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I’m going to look up bicycle repair shops in my area. See if they are close or if they do house calls.

@mjseu, what do you do in bad weather? Like raining or snow and ice? Do you still ride your bicycle? Or do you take the bus? Or do you own a car or truck?

I ride my bicycle even when the sun was not shining, I do not like very icy bicycle paths, but snow is ok, I have good rain clothing. Today is going to be another warm day.

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