What a day. A little of this and a little of that

Saw an employment counselor today. I’m looking for a new job. I like what I’m doing now but I need another job that isn’t so stressful for my hurt back. Two counselors told me that they think i should give it more thought because my current janitors job gives me dental coverage, paid vacation and paid sick days. They are right, I would probably not find those benefits anywhere else.

I mentioned that I am surprised that my company keeps me on because I am so slow. Oh well, it’s up in the air.
On the way back home I stopped at the drugstore where I get my medication. I like this store. It’s like Walgreens or Rite-aid but it’s not as modern and it has a mom and pop feeling to it. But I love it because it has so many knick-knacks and great deals. Its a small-medium sized store but they cram all the most interesting items in it. I love going in there and exploring. They have especially good deals on the stuff I buy from other drugstores. They have great deals on office supplies for instance.

I can buy a couple of manila folders for 29 cents or a pack of post-its for 39 cents. A lady in my housing holds yard sales most weekends. I noticed she had no price tags to write prices on so while I was there I bought a pack of 40 stickers for 50 cents and gave them to her for free and she was surprised and grateful for me thinking of her. It’s the little gestures that can make .people happy.

I’m learning more and more about my digs. I know more than my neighbors think I know. But I’m not involved so I keep stuff to myself. But I know that the majority if people here don’t work. I knew this almost from the start but I am slowly becoming aware of how little my neighbors have in the way of money. I buy Cokes a lot and when I sometimes give one of the men or women here a free one they are so grateful that they act like I just gave them a new TV or something.

Once I brought home a large plastic bag filled with a dozen and a half individual bags of potato chips from work which the guy who re-stocks the vending machine gave me because they were expired. They were still perfectly good and I ate a few bags and then I brought home the rest for my fellow tenants. By the way my neighbors eagerly grabbed them I guessed they don’t get stuff like that very often. So it makes me happy to do this stuff. Anyways, time to go get my 5 hours of sleep and than go to work. Bye all.


When I was in hospital, I’d offer people cigarettes, and as you said, it was like offering them a TV.

I’m pretty generous with my family, and don’t really know any other people right now.

Thanks for the story 77nick77. I hope the job situation works out.

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You share many things with your neighbors, and I guess it also make you happy.

No matter what your decision on employment, I respect you as a janitor.

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