Were you popular in High School? - Poll

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Absolutely and emphatically- No

I was hated and dehumanised.

I was popular in high school.

Was our school pageant winner and prom queen.

It was okay,

Wouldn’t go back and do it again.


I was the kid that others would talk to so that they could laugh at how odd I was later. I knew it and didn’t care.

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I’d love to see your prom Queen photo, we don’t have prom queens here in the UK, or didn’t back when. It might have changed now.


I moved recently and have no idea where my senior year book is,

But if I come across it, I’ll post the picture.

It’s a terrible picture because I cried when they announced it,

However, there are already many terrible pictures of me on this site,

So whateves.

I heard that the US is the only place with proms and stuff,

How strange.


I was pretty unpopular because I was so super duper dykey. But I had relatives who were popular and they kept most of the bullying away from me. When I got cancer, I became way more popular because suddenly everyone wanted to know the dying kid.


i’d say i was pretty popular, lots of friends, and lots of girls liked me. i was voted most athletic my senior year, and there was a party every weekend… of course the people who didn’t like sports hated me, but o well, but i had the grades and sat scores for college even though i barely opened a book outside of school. i just paid attention in class and that was enough. college was a disaster as i majored in beer pong and flunked out, it was inevitable, i never knew what i wanted to study as i was too absorbed with sports. was in a few weddings later, but now i have few friends, mostly my doing, and plus we all got older and have our own lives now.

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No. Being an atheist in Texas is what anyone might imagine. I wanted to be popular, but it wasn’t for me.

The most popular I was in high school was the days following plays I was in, but that always faded out.

I’m glad I befriended other uncool kids. I think that’s pretty cool.


I was popular in elementary and high school school. Had lots of friends, did a lot partying, went to friends cottages, etc…

Nope, we have proms in Canada too.

At my prom my then gf and I were given a certificate “Most likely to get married”. That didn’t work out, lol


Glad Canada has proms too, I guess.

Funny about you and your ex-girlfriend.


it also helped that all 3 of my older siblings were popular and successful before me. my sister was 2 years older than me, so we spent 2 years of high school together. most of her friends would talk to me and invite me out, but a few of the guys would try to start stuff with me talking about her ass to me haha.

im the only one of my siblings without a bachelors or master’s degree from university. mom’s got a degree, just me and dad are the college dropouts.

I def peaked in high school. Lots of friends, played sports, talked to girls, etc. Now though, I’m a suburban hermit. Schizophrenia has made being “popular” seem revolting.


Same with me, except I don’t find being popular “revolting” but it no longer matters to me.

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I was bullied a lot. I had a popular friend, but she was a huge jerk, so I stopped being friends with her. I was mostly part of the “loser table”, the kids who liked anime, manga, and dorky stuff. That was me.





I did a semester at the “loser table” during a feud with one of my friends.

It was honestly my favorite lunch table.

Consisted of drama and band nerds too nerdy for their own group’s tables.

And a kid that had killed another student in an car accident,

He was really popular, but the school shunned him after the crash.

It was fun!

I’m still in touch with most of them.


I was popular in school but none of my friends were into the dorky stuff, I was the Star Trek nerd, I liked dungeons and dragons but had no one to play with, board games like RISK, was into RPG computer games.

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I feel like you were both spared and robbed.

High school is sooo awful,

But such an experience.

How do you feel about having been homeschooled?

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