Were you part of a subculture when you were growing up?

Hey guys, as above, i was part of the goth scene for a good ten years, used to love clubbing every week, thoughts?

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Do computer geeks count? If so I was part of that scene…


Geek, just plain geek.

Pd: stupid question @seanieireland , is it normal for goths to go to clubs? What kind of music were in the clubs back then?

London chavs

but we turned into roadmen, which then became drillers

I liked grime music, dnb, dubstep etc as a teen. Mainstream stuff too. But most people at my school fit into the chav niche.

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I partied with the stoners and hung out with some of them but I wasn’t really accepted by them. I was my own subculture.


I mingled with stoners/emos/scene kids too. I was friends with everyone.

The goth group for those of us that didn’t have a particular other clique.

I was a punk rocker chic for years. I had black dyed hair and wore black clothing/band shirts. I’m not like that anymore though! It’s funny to think about for me. It was a phase I went through I guess. I don’t think about it much anymore! Strange!


@CrazyPlantLady i was a punk rocker too! Mostly in high school, i had a kid at 19 so i got out of the scene. I have dyed my hair pink a lot in the past 10 years, and im covered in tattoos now. Lol

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I was more in line with the geeky type kids
Not the brainy types so much

Just awkward outsiders

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Maybe a band geek?

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I went to a magnet school and I was in the art part. So we all were a mix of stoners/goth/scene/punk, etc. I mainly was in the goth/punk in style of dress. Tripp pants, mohawk, band shirts. I liked to shock people back then.

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What’s a “magnet” school?

But in all honesty I was pretty much a loner for the most part

I played sports growing up, so I guess I hungout with the jocks. But I never liked labeling myself into one group – I tried to be cool with everyone. Some of my best friends growing up were skateboarders/stoners

no not really.

i wemt alyernative lk
ike skater kid when i tranferred to public school in 7th grade. 8th i went punk a bit. then i was a sublime type kid. then dont give a â– â– â– â–  love bird. fire parties, band practice, lsd and â– â– â– â–  all night.

19 i was a dropout. art type white stripe type friends. 21 still punk type.

23 was just cool looking. now i wear suspenders and catch the radio shows. lots of npr. few friends.

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I was a stoner in high school…we listened to punk, rock, and reggae a lot…big fans on saturday night of dr. who…used to trip acid and watch that show all the time…not anymore…I don’t want anything to do with tripping…bent enough space in my brain being sz that I am afraid of it.

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I wasn’t in any sub culture. I was alone mostly.

Nothing wrong with some of the ppl but I had absolutely tiny confidence.

I prefer the college I went to at the psych hospital

It was therapeutic and I miss it badly.

I wish I could go there again but no time.


I was grounded for not having straight As. I got into jiujitsu my senior year it was and is my life

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I hung out with all the middle aged criminals in my town at a trap house when i was in my early teens. Kinda traumatised me. Horrible things happened there. The owner of the big house took me in as a kind of adopted son. Was taught all about underworld stuff. Lots of violence and drugs and horror. Lots of hectic things happened to me there which i wont mention. I have been told by doctors and such that i might have ptsd from it all. And was a huge environmental trigger for my sza.