We're you a problem child?

I was quite a mischievous kid growing up. I remember when I was 8 or 9 In this scouts like program I was in,
There were these workbooks we had to go through on various tasks.

Every task you did they would sign it off and you would get a “share” which was money to buy toys and candy.

So I would forge my dad’s signature a bunch saying I did it all at home, to get through these books and get more toys and candy. I even got an award for finishing the books so fast and my leader made a speech in front of everyone about how proud he was lol!
Boy I felt a little guilty that night :joy:

When I was 1 year old I apparently somehow got out of the house crawled out the backyard gate and down the street. An old man that was from the neighbourhood found me in a ditch and brought me home to my mom lol.

Yaaaay me :grin:


I was a pretty good kid if left alone to my own devices. But I had a tendency to be easily swayed by friends and go along with whatever they cooked up. That included some mild vandalism, stealing a couple of bikes, sneaking in neighbors houses when they weren’t home, and later drugs and alcohol.


I was not a juvenile delinquent, but I was kind of a manic bully for a period of time as a young kid - around my neighborhood.
I was kind of quiet at school and was bullied a bit in Middle School and early during my High School years.
I always meant well, but come to think about it, I was very deep into Manic Depression even as a kid - always hyper or depressed and anxious.
I teased my brother a lot, no wonder he has some angry feelings towards me today.


I was extremely ADHD, and had other problems… but I didn’t try and be mischievous. I was high energy and high maintenance… but I don’t think I was a problem child…

I think I was the handful child. When I got really bad, my Mom and Dad already knew I was mentally suffering. Again, I tried to be a nice kid. I didn’t get into a lot of trouble when I was in grade school or middle school because I have always been a big chicken.

The trouble was always the chipmunks. When they were little… my kid sis and youngest brother got up to a lot of mischievous capers. My sis alone… sweet little kid. My youngest brother alone… sweet little kid.

The two together… lots of trouble. My brother would have my sis be a diversion as my brother shoplifted. They would make prank calls… pull not so practical jokes on people… and of course they were each others alibi if the other almost got caught doing something wrong. The trouble they got into was only limited by their imagination.


My mother often descried me as an awkward baby/toddler/child/teenager etc. I wasn’t one to get into mischief but I spoke back to my parents a lot more than my brother and sister.

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I have ADHD and tourette’s syndrome. That made it impossible to sit quiet in school. I was never still or quiet. My 4’th grade teacher threw charcoal pens at me to make me shut up. In 3’rd grade I tried to burn down the school. I got caught and had to sit with the school psychologist all day. THAT was the only time I shut up. I did not say anything at all and finally she surrendered and let me go. I got in trouble for having a knife in school too.

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I was fine, really well behaved until I ecame unwell at 14-16. I don’t know when my behaviour became a problem…

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No, I was a goody two-shoes, but I was very introverted when I was a teen and battled with anxiety so I confined myself to my room and never went out. Then at 18 I got sick with sz and the problems with that started then.

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I was difficult as a baby-very clingy, if I wasn’t held constantly I’d scream. (Made car rides fun for parents lol)

When I was 4 I used to sneak out of the house to go find my friends which would freak out my mom. Aside from that I apparently wasn’t that bad and rarely ever got in trouble. Not to say I wasn’t mischievous…I just never got caught :wink:


My parents used to tell me not to do something like "dont play with the stereo knobs or take out all the pots and pans or your going to your room.

So Id go mess everything up and then go to my room without them telling me because i knew what was coming haha.

They also use to tie the door knobs together at night so that I couldnt get out of my room and theyd always find me sleeping against or beside the door.

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I guess I was born with social anxiety because when I was in in k to 2nd grade my ma had to change her work sche2 to make sure I was in class or Id sneak out the back door and sit in the woods behind the school and in 3-4 grade I started going farther away basically hanging out where adults wouldn’t see me so she would have a friend that was a cab driver drive around and find me to take me back to school.

It was a small town so he pretty much drove around doing nothing anyways.When I actually made friends they were kinda off like me and we would make up a fake ledger and get a big manila envelope that we would right some kind of sporting event on then go around the neighborhood on the other side of town knocking on doors saying we were collecting money to support some sporting event then spend it on candy, soda and cassette tapes waay back when those were the music industry standard we made some decent money doing that.

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I was a goodie-goodie on the outside. Though in the 2nd grade I told my friend I didn’t have to do anything. She said she’d tell the teacher. “Go ahead - I don’t care.” And I meant it.
I did everything I was supposed to but in my early teen years all hell broke out. I’m not sure why.

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I was a pretty good kid. I had a temper sometimes, and I mouthed off to my mom. At other people’s houses I was the well behaved child. At home I’d push back a bit. When I lived with my dad and grandparents I was taught to behave.

I did get in a fight at my great uncle’s funeral. He (my great uncle) was a Nazi sympathizer (even though he fought in WWII. WTF?), so there was a bit of tension already. His grandson kept bringing real guns out and pointing them at my younger girl cousin and me. They could have been loaded. We didn’t know. We were taught to respect guns and not treat them as toys. He jumped me and got me in a headlock. I stuck my thumbs in his eyes and drew blood. He ended up crying to his mom, who cursed at me. She couldn’t take her little brat losing a fight to a girl.

So you could say I was kind of a rough and tumble kid. We’d wrestle and practice fight a lot in our family, so we wouldn’t be afraid if we had to fight.

I was pretty normal. I got into my share of mischief. I don’t feel good about some of the things I did, but that was a long time ago. I can see the seeds of my later disintegration in my childhood.

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Apparently so. Most of the time I had no idea what I was being punished for. Took another turn when I was constantly being blamed for my brother doings. Despite me fighting back and him constantly confessing. Which made little difference…As the song says…All and all, just another brick in the wall!

Hope no one was (this bad)…

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Yeah generally viewed as the black sheep growing up. Looked differently , acted differently , was thought to be smart , things have changed , now most people like me. :slight_smile:

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I was far from being the problem child. The middle brother wins that one hands down.
Can’t say I was even noticed, always sitting in the shadow of my older brothers, Think I spent most my youth sitting in the tree in the front yard.

My childhood was hell. I screamed and screamed. My mom told me when i was really little i cohld scream for 8 hours straight. As i got older it got shorter cause my lungs couldnt keep up with it. I would scream myself to sleep. So it woukd start when someone said something to me or asked something i would start to freak put then my mum would send me to my room. That is when i would go lie down and scream. Well i suppose i probably screamed to my bed as well. I was in so much psychological pain. I never said anythi g while i screamed i was just a high pitched wail. I would also sometimes convulse as i lay there. And the one time my mum came to check on me it scared the ■■■■ out of her. There i was screaming while convulsing and rolling around in my bed with my eyes rolled to the back of my head. She thought i was possessed. This went on for like 13 years. I got my family evicted when i was 1w since the upstairs neughbours said it sounded like someone was beating me. I only started learning to silence my screams when my mom threatened me by telling me that if i didnt stop i would be locked up. So i learned to mufgle my screams or cry silently.

Also sometimes i would bash my gead against things and one time an ornament fell on my head cause i did this and cut my eye open. Also i was suicidal at a very young age i dreamed of never waking up alot of the time and even ran halfway into the street when j was 10 before i decided that was a bad idea. I also was really weird and quircky and had a quick temper and a ything said could set me off well it still can.