Were any of you treated with much jealousy from siblings?

In my female dominated family I was treated like I was a spoiled. We lived in a very small house and didn’t even have cable, and for a long time I didn’t even have a bedroom with four walls, unlike my siblings, but I was told I was spoiled because I had a nintendo. Meanwhile their friends had jacuzzis and lived inside mansions.

Explosion imminent with next post.

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I also had to help my parent sell things to get my nintendo and games, and this was a christmas present mind you. My siblings never helped them sell ■■■■ from what I saw.

The most amount of clothes I had when I was young was like 3 pairs of pants and 3 pairs of t-shirts. The other kids in the neighborhood would do contests and go months without wearing the same thing twice. I would wear the same shoes until they had holes in them. My siblings had a closet full of clothes, but my female dominated family said it was more important for women to have nice clothes and beauty products than males.

my siblings are highly intelligent but horrible people…still are… :grin:
take care :alien:

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My brother till this very day, after all these years feels that my parents gave me more attention - He has a lot of anger in him because of this.

We get along OK these days, but he is very jealous and is very bitter over the justifiable attention I received as a child because of my Mental Illness - I think that he is getting over it a bit.

In a way I understand his pain as well - it wasnt easy for him growing up.

He could benefit from seeing a therapist.

My sibling acted like I was the favorite, but the fact is when we were all living together my sibling was the center focus because they were a major problem child and would run away and do hard drugs.

It is funny, after this person moved out, even though we didn’t talk at all, they would obsess about the prospects of me looking at internet pornography at 17 years old, even though this person was sexually active at 13. My sibling and mother were especially obsessed with this issue, even though they had no real evidence I was looking at pornography and it was all hearsay. Although one time this sibling did come over and I played a porn video loudly in the background just to ■■■■ with them. This person goes around telling people we are like best friends, even though behind closed doors we don’t get along at all and they clearly don’t actually like me or respect me. They just want me as their bitch and they collect as much information about me as they can. In fact, they are probably reading this. What is it they say, you keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

I was so poor I didn’t have siblings. Or a father.


Isn’t that always the way - it’s probably because your sibling was sexually active at 13 that they were so obsessed with what they thought you were doing. People have a tendency to project their own actions onto others.

Yes, my sister says to this day “I hate you because you were born.” I would just say she’s a bitch but technically it is not her fault because she has bipolar type II and borderline personality. She doesn’t go to therapy and she only takes an antidepressant and a tiny bit of a beta-blocker whilst I slug down piles of ■■■■■■■ downers and go to therapy and major in psychology. I am also quite muscular and my school is funded by academic scholarships, she is a hater; haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate.

I dunno she just isn’t cool. I could ramble about her pathology from a bachelors degree point of view but she’s just ■■■■■■ up yo.

But I am not kidding; she often expresses how much she hates me, most of the time it is because “Because you exist/were born” but during this semester she mentioned something about “because he’s going to become a doctor”…ugh.

I mean I have empathy for people with what I have, but I don’t make excuses for not trying (because I do try and often succeed), I give reasons for failures, however. I do not approve of this learned helplessness/desire to be helpless ■■■■.

I have 4 younger siblings…

my brother (next down… or son #2) and I do NOT get along. He and I have had problems the whole time.

He hates me, has accused Mom and Dad of neglecting him for me. He loves trying to wind me up.

The other two younger brothers and I fell out when I was very ill… drunk and abusive… now that I’m stable… and they are stable… we’re getting long better.

My kid sis has been on my side from the beginning. Long time side kick.

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My 3 older brothers are also very intelligent- Just ask them!

Being the only girl, I was teased about being spoiled, and the dumbest…(because I was quiet?)
They were exceptionally rotten to me growing up, so much so, the “authorities” felt the need to remove me from my house.

No one had any reason to be jealous of the way I was treated.

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sorry that happened to you…humans are cruel…but you are brave and kind :trophy:
hamster :hamster: hug.
take care :alien:

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I get along with my siblings. We try to teach them that they are each special human beings that best not step to me!

I worry a bit about my younger sister. She acts out quite a bit. They each have their struggles. I’ll try to help them grow up to be healthy adults.

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