I am the ugly sister of three children. What were you?

What was it like growing up? Did your parents play favorites?

My parents didn’t play favorites but when I was a little girl two other girls told me I was ugly and I believed that for most of my life. I didn’t realize it wasn’t true until I was in my thirties.

First born. All evidence is mum got preganant and they where forced into marriage. Dad being adopted it was important to him that kids grew up with a mother and father and married. I get the impression mum resents me being stuck in a relationship she couldn’t get out of so I wasn’t the favorite. Such a hell a mess all over adding a ton of other stuff on top. Stupid thing is parents don’t want to talk about it all. So most of this has come out in therapy and me tracking down all the paper trail trying to make sense of my life. So yes to answer the question n my mum in particular played favorites. Despite that my brothers still diagnosed with depression.

With 7 sibling, there was really no chance for favourites. My mom was a single parent, working 2 jobs.
I was very imaginative and I was in my own little world, most of the time. Then when I was a teenager, reality hit me hard. I moved out, and became the ‘black sheep’ of the family. All kinds of lies and rumors went around, about me. About 4yrs later, people finally see the truth about all the things they thought I was doing.
Growing up was tough, but I survived.

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I was number 4 of 7. Right in the middle. My dad didn’t play favorites, but my mom did. I was always the black sheep anyways.

I was the most cared and feared child…!!!
the over-protection of my family didn;t work out for me…!!!
I am worthless now…!!

I’m the eccentric one out of my whole family. First born and also the go to person for advice. Not complaining though.

I was the youngest of three children. My older brother and sister sometimes excluded me and left me out of fun things, so my parents tried to make up to me for that. I’ve heard that’s a dynamic that often goes on with the youngest child. As a result, we tend to be ambivalent.

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I’m the messed up one that doesn’t know what to do with life. I almost got aborted because something didn’t seem right while I was still in my moms uterus. Yay…

My siblings all have great jobs and families.

You’re not worthless, don’t say that.


My sister behaves like a real psycho(the manipulative kind, not the violent thankfully or maybe hopefully :frowning: ). And she’s agoraphobic. Mental illness ain’t even that common in my family. I think we got some kind of curse.


Youngest of seven. Born two months premature and often told/retold the harrowing story of both my and my mom’s near death experience. Thought of as weak and sickly, but never brought to the doctor. Abused by one sibling in particular, and much neglected by busy and exhausted parents. I was gifted, though, and got praise for playing the piano by ear and also being able to draw well at a young age. I was awkward and quiet. I used to watch birds for hours at a time and play imaginary games by myself.

My parents favor me a lil cuz I’m the youngest and I’m more conservative than my sister politically…they love her just as much but kind of poke jokes about my sis behind her back. Don’t think they make jokes about me.


My dad never played favorites, but we always got along better than anyone else. We were just very similar. My mom played favorites, to the point that we always called my little brother Golden Child. He was always an impressive person, though, and we secretly liked him the best also. Now that dad is gone, mom switches favorites based on who will give her the most money. I was the favorite until my funds ran out, then my sister was the favorite until she turned 18 and got control of her own SS checks, then my brother was the favorite again.

I am the oldest brother of three children, and I used to think I was ugly. Now only some other people think that.


I was the middle child between an older sister and a younger brother. my mother hated my little brother the most, then my sister, then me. kind of because they felt that my mom should have went to jail for what she did to us, but I was a little less expressive and a “momma’s boy.”

even when my brother and sister got jobs, she still hated them a lot because of their financial independence. my sister eventually moved out.

since my brother got a job that my mom recommended, he gets a lot more attention and respect from her. Ironically, I’m still bitter against my mom for the things she’s done to us. So today, my mom likes my brother more than me.

compared to looks, my sister is the most beautiful, followed by my brother, and then me. that hasn’t changed, and my distaste of style doesn’t help.

sort of the same here, but a little more serious I guess. whenever my brother’s not around, my mom curses him for leaving dishes in the sink, abandoning his shoes near the door way, putting the recycle in the garbage bag, or buying too many things on Amazon. I’m 100% sure that she curses me too, behind my back.

I’m the oldest of 2 I have a little sister…def the black sheep of the family…


I am the youngest of three in my adopted family there is a bit of a year reach form me
To sister and brother we all get on they both live in other states now so do not see much of them as they are adults and I am still not one so guess I am just the youngest kid sister better then my brith family = evil is all I say about them


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I would say my brother was my mum’s favourite and my sister is my dad’s favourite.
I am the eldest and always regarded as the odd one out.

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In terms of looks, I can’t complain. My whole family is genetically blessed with supermodel beauty. My old roommate once saw a picture of my family and asked why I hung up a frame with the stock footage family still in it. I think it must be an Arab thing. We are just all super hot.