Were any of u guys on stimulants as children?

Things like ritalin?

I was on them and it helped me big time in school!!

Whats your opinion on children taking stimulants ?

Wallafish !!

I never had any Ritalin but kinda feel like I would benefit from it now. But am scared of exacerbating psychosis

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Yea its very good for negatives but i dont think so much for positives.

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Does Ritalin make people ‘high’? I mean is it a drug of abuse?

Yea lots of kids end up sniffing it.

It does give u a similar to cocaine feeling !!

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Wow! Never knew that. I think I should stay clear of that - have never abused any prescription med but don’t want the test my will against not sniffing it (if you know what I mean)

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My now 16 year old was on it from age 6-15. He decided this year he’d stop ritalin, grades aren’t any different really, even on it grades were ■■■■ cause well, he hates school. He’s also bipolar and we’re working down to no meds for him, been better overall for his mental health to be honest, he doesn’t let people walk all over him and he’ll prove a teacher wrong when they totally are. I was an A and B student, dad was an A and B student, Kalick is smart, but if he wants to learn something, he’s gonna do it when he’s damn well good and ready. Genius coder, but he’s got a career lined up for “if” he graduates high school. I told him I ask him to stay in school and try to graduate, but I get it I really do. He wants to go into programming robotic limbs for veterans and those for whatever reason don’t have all their limbs. But his high school “tracks” only said he can do either nursing track or computer programming…neither are right. That’s my qualms with this school district, you have to pick a “career” for a 4 year school regardless if you’re gonna go or not, so even though we have an awesome technical college 15 mins away, they blow it off as not good enough for their statistics.

His program is at the technical college, so if he does go to VA after 18 they have the same program in the city he’s going to. He’s got an HVAC apprenticeship set up with a company that several xbox friends he’s hung out with for years have set him up with, hell, they’ve talked to me and explained so I know what’s going on. Now, the oldest guy is my age at 34, but he’s been really cool with us, talks to hubby and I, asks how I’m doing with my walking issues.

Ritalin and other stimulants may be right for some, but like for Kalick, once he turned to puberty, it wasn’t needed and so age 12 he started skipping it a lot. Ymmv.

I was on tofranil and it messed me up. If a stimulant works for you that’s wonderful. If it doesn’t that’s unfortunate. Every drug has a different effect on different people.

Yes I was on ritalin and concerta, I liked it but my mom said I would go to bootcamp if I didn’t take it.

I was on adderall for a year in high school. It really helped me focus. I don’t remember having any bad side effects either.

If it’s prescribed correctly, I think these types of substances can help people, including kids. But there’s a lot of foul play these days with people desperate to make the grade in school that they turn to these drugs to boost performance. They’re basically legal amphetamines, so doctors really need to be more discerning when prescribing.

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I was never on stimulants as a child . I don’t think many who went to school between 1961-1975 were .

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when i was a kid i was on them but the first day i took it i threw up at school

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My daughter was first diagnosed ADHD and prescribed Ritalin, Concerta and then Vyvanse. She really didn’t do too well on the meds. She always struggled at school anyway. Around age 13 she was rediagnosed bi-polar and started taking risperidone. That was awful. She gained so much weight and started getting into big time trouble. Later on around age 18-19 she tried Vyvanse again and reported being able to focus and concentrate better. So maybe she’s is ADHD and bipolar. Right now she’s unmedicated and we all just hope she stays stable.

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I abused them as a young adult and became heavily addicted to them. It helped mess up my life and I’ve been told it could have helped trigger SZ. Can’t imagine that addicting kids to this crap is any good.

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