We're all falling apart

Last night I found out that my daughter has psudemonas, a more serious and damaging infection due to CF. She has had twice before, and once it really colonizes in the lungs, it is hard to eradicate, and does irreversible damage. She will be on inhaled antibiotics and oral antibiotics for about 4 weeks. If it hasn’t gone away she will need to be hospitalized with IV antibiotics, many people with CF call this a tune-up.

My older brother is in the hospital, suicidal and not well. He is fed up with life, and wants out of his job and place he is living at that has no running water.

My younger brother is just out of jail, and nearly homeless, struggling to find a job and a place to stay, even the homeless shelters are all full.

This morning I’m getting direct energy gas from targeting and bad head pain, and I’m still struggling with addictions that might end up killing me.

Life is short, precious, hard, sad, and it’s ending is unexpected.

Im so sorry daze :confused:
You are an incredibly brave woman, and i know things might seem disastrous but its a life: a goddamn Murphy’s law. Things can work out in the best way when it is the least expected.
I think its worth of patience. (Im waiting too)

Thanks, Sara. I want to go into day program for beer. I’m looking into it.

We have done so much, my kids and I, we have really lived in every aspect.

If it ends tomorrow, I have no regrets.

I know it will happen for you, keep your heart open.

I am so sorry too, maybe this music brings some happiness.

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Beautiful, thanks. Especially because Elvis was my daughter’s first love when she was 9 years old, had all the music, and saw all the movies. God Bless him.

And we think we are down the ladder of pain and suffering…

I wish you a bright future, I hope these words translate into reality.

Sorry for you and thanks for being here.


Please Hang in there @Daze - Many times things get better over time


Good luck and I’m rooting for you and your family…

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Thank you, it means a lot that you say that. My daughter finishing her degree, you know with a life threatening illness, you wonder how to live right? But we follow mostly what is standard, until we can’t anymore. She will have many challenges, and I wish they weren’t physical, biological, but she will carry on despite the odds.