What if.......xcxcxc

You told yourself mind over matter,

there’s nothing wrong with me,
I’m just like everyone else.

Imagine what you’d do raising a child
with cystic fibrosis, and wanting her
to have a childhood,

would you make her do treatments twice a day,
never get dirty, bleach the whole the house,
explain over and over what the disease was,

and what the expectancy is?
Hmmm. I decided, it’s not going to get us
psychologically. The body your own, the life,

She didn’t colonize until age 18, almost unheard of.

what do you mean by colonize?

the CF bacteria, psudemonas.

Once it’s there, very hard to get rid of,
leads to breakdown and obstruction of airway,

has to be treated with neb and strong oral meds.
Sometimes no sign at all, no fever, no cough,

she’s doing good, honey. I didn’t mean to worry you.

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