Went to the dmv today

So today I went to the dmv. So I get crazy anxiety around crowds. Sadly to say today was no difference. I started shaking and got cotton mouth like a son of a bitch. Then the worst part was that after all that once I was safe and at my car. I threw up. But hey lets look on the bright side, at least I have a license now.


That’s rough. But as you say you have your licence now.

Sorry that you suffered but yeah you got your license.
Good for you.

Phil did this recently, we barely talked,

he was in his zone. But yeah, it’s good when it’s done,

and you got what you need to be legal.

Why you throw up? sorry.

Maybe the whole anxiety?

Thanks it was rough and the lady there must have thought I was crazy or something because I was shaking so much. But like you said I have a license now

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I don’t know why I threw up maybe the anxiety. But it was very unpleasant especially since I threw up right next to the parallel parking challenge and these teenagers were looking at me giggling.

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you be alright


I understand.

I learned a new thing today. My psychiatrist said it’s called flooding. He said that when you force yourself into situations that make you have anxiety and you can’t handle it, then you won’t try it again. But it still works to put yourself in situations that make you have anxiety, so that your anxiety will be less. You just have to make a judgement call if you can’t handle it. Unknown I still think you can try less difficult situations with anxiety. Don’t let this experience make you give up. Just keep trying and make sure you can handle the situation.

yeah my therapist keeps pushing me to try new things. she even wants me to take down the paper I have covering my windows. lol yeah right thats not going to happen.

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Since we’re looking at the bright side: now you can throw up in a radius of 15 miles or more, whenever you want to.

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lol with my license I can throw up anywhere.


I think you can’t predict it

for instance

a panic attack can come from nowhere

however yes rising to the occasion and making good

is well worth it.

Yeah, I had a goal to go to a small group tomorrow, but I can’t handle it. I can just tell when I think about the situation. So I’m planning on trying next week or maybe a couple of weeks from now.

James Bond has a license to kill. You have a license to vomit, lol.

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you should give it a go. Heck yeah I looked like a dufus at the dmv but at least im still here.

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Thanks for the encouragement, but I don’t think I can handle it.

whats the worst that can happen. You make a fool of yourself. Been there done that. But if your not ready take your time.

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