Practiced driving today

In 2 months I turn 18 and can get my license. I drove today and did good I just couldn’t focus for anything, I was not vigilant at all and now I am disappointed thinking I will not be capable of driving, having all these illness (severe brain damage TBI, depersonalization disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, and depression disorder) make driving complicated. Driving is essential to living a fulfilling life, and to get more independence from my parents. It was my fifth time driving, and I just pray to god he keeps me safe when I finally do get my licenses.

Dont give up on yourself - keep practicing and it will get easier


I agree with Wave:

Don’t give up. It was your 5th time ever and you didn’t hit anything. It takes a lot of people a long time to feel comfortable behind the wheel of a car. If the day had busy traffic compared to light traffic that’s a new element to the mix.

Just give yourself time. It’s only the 5th time you’ve tried it. You will be OK.

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Driving has become more difficult for me with schizophrenia and generalized anxiety disorder. I used to drive across the country with no problem. But now, I am scared to drive on the freeway, and only do so when absolutely necessary. I do drive to school and back three times a week, and to the grocery store, etc. You can do it. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

i am learning just now all the time, i think you never stop learning when you are driving though

the hardest thing for me is driving in the dark, i sometimes forget to put my headlights on and that is dangerous :frowning: i actually did that tonight and it is so stupid.

i find it hard taking everything in but i do my best, things that sometimes catch me out are faulty traffic lights :vertical_traffic_light: and that is extremely dangerous, also potholes ‘very scary’
and dangerous, watch out for speed cameras :camera: and just work on those gears “unless you live in America” then its probably automatic.

i have one of those theory dvd’s here that i am working on ‘slowly’ and it is really good, over here in the uk they have a two part theory test which consists of multiple choice questions and hazard perception, idk if they do that over in America though or wherever you are from, anyway that the only thing holding me back.

don’t be so hard on your self it is only your fifth time, driving takes practice, you can not learn to play a violin concerto in five lessons.
you will be a great driver, and it will give you independence, self-confidence and confidence in your abilities to achieve.
it is also fun, just keep practicing you will be great.
take care
p.s i find classical music in the back ground can help me to concentrate and keep my mind calm , stops my mind from wandering .


Me too. I only drive when necessary.