Dread ( venting)

I keep thinking are behind me even when i have the wall on my back. This dread is killing me in all honesty, I just want it to stop i can’t relax it is taking a toll on me. Omg man I just needed to vent.

Did you take your meds? Try to do something that’s calming to you

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Yeah I did I guess I’m feeling a little stressed because my doc keeps saying I look clinically sane ( whatever that means) so putting in the diagnosis as Schizophrenic is not a good idea. Makes me wonder what all the psychological testing and 3 in patients mean to this new doc. What a dumb ***

Maybe get a second opinion from a different pdoc?

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I think I should consider it. Idk either way I can’t complain he is a professional after all. Thank you @ZmaGal you’re the best.

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