Went to my first NA meeting

Sorry I’ve been so inactive lately. I’ve been having a hard time. my winter depression is in full swing and I made the mistake of self medicating with drugs for a while.

I went to my first NA meeting tonight though, and I was surprised at how nice it was. I’ve done group therapy before, and it’s never been for me. But I had no anxiety this time.

I noticed a common theme about how mostly everyone started using drugs to cover up their existing mental issues, and how drug use can make these illnesses worse.

The reason why I’ve avoided these meetings is the whole god thing. Religion makes me deeply uncomfortable. However they make it very clear it is not a specific god, more any kind of higher power to believe in for the individual.

So I just thought of Beyoncé, whenever they mentioned god. It made it a lot easier for me because instead of my skin crawling from people mentioning a ‘god’ and possibly triggering myself into a panic attack I just thought of her, and how I could do good things if I look up to her.

I’m not even the biggest fan of Beyoncé to be truthful, I just think she’s the closest thing to a godlike entity on this earth. Like, anything that flawless can’t be human.

Anyone else go to these meetings? Did you find them useful?


congrats on taking this important step

glad you liked it

I tried A.A. a bunch of times

I’m trying to recover from beer.

my doc gave me pills to stop the cravings. it helps.

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I sometimes have urges to smoke weed but I never do it, didn’t do it since my diagnosis. I hope I can still be as strong as now


Its good to have Role Models, people we can look up to and try to emulate, Beyonce is pretty cool and she can sing :slight_smile:

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plus you got to do random pee tests

if your’e gonna work

however, not for Phil, his supervisor let’s him drink 2 or 3 beers at lunch

what a job he’s got, and it pays well too.

Awesomeness @anon92220549 for your lifestyle choice :upside_down_face: !!! and @valiumprincess I know many people that cling to na,aa etc. “it works if you work it” is tried and true. It helps not feeling alone. Get yourself a blood chip, a sponsor, the books, listen, read, share and give back. You’ll be on the right path in no time. The most important thing is to get a list of phone numbers and use it if tempted, and never be shy about it, because you are helping their sobriety, too. There are lots of hang ups not to go, but ask yourself is it an excuse or can you alter it to suite you, wait, you already did, way to go, you’re on the right path :hugs:

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I personally don’t have any issues with drugs or alcohol. I’ve taken illegal drugs before but not for a couple of years. And i hate the taste of most alcohol so i’m unlikely to ever become addicted to it. However, i hear what you’re saying about the whole “god” thing in these kind of support groups. It would be a major turn off for me. I don’t see why you should need to have a god involved in the recovery process at all. You as an individual are quite capable and strong enough to recover without the use of god. However, i like your twist on it - using Beyonce as a role model. I attend group therapy as well, but it isn’t for people recovering from narcotic or alcohol abuse. It is just a support group that meets every Tuesday. I find the group very good. Has kept me out of hospital.

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in all due respect

addiction is chemical

it can be considered a disease, just like sz

when people are getting off of drugs or alcohol

they have high recurrence rate, or go to things like pop, and unhealthy eating,

or smoking more cigarettes.


I’ve overcome alcoholism, anorexia, and come off of the combo of two high dosage benzos my old psych prescribed me…all on my own. Yes, I know a thing or two

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on a schizophrenia site, you don’t want to say this

and these are the rules

but I’ll take my chances

I’m under constant attack of space weapons, it’s torture,

thousands sitting here in my living room under this surveillance

be aware of the escape with alcohol.

@valiumprincess this is your thread and I will respect it. I will directly answer your question. No I don’t believe in a higher power; however, na incorporates the most beautiful prayer that I’ve made my motto, the serenity prayer. If you don’t know it, I encourage you to google it. It has gotten me through the worst of withdrawals. I’ve applied it to even just every 5 minutes because many many moons ago, it’d take me that long to get my alcohol. If I could handle it for 5 minutes or even pick up that heavy phone and be distracted, I was victorious. I apply this to everything and has come quite handy. Mental illness and addiction often coincide but asking for help for not one disease, but two is brave and courageous, go you! You can do this :hugs:

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Thanks everyone for the support! I’m planning on going back to another meeting soon. I’m glad I’m taking steps to get better.


I was told 30 meetings in 30 days…works for some.


I did some pee tests at hospital. I didn’t know why.
Anyway congrats @valiumprincess Good job :sunny:

Are pee tests for drugs?

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For work, yes. Were you in hospital when given pee tests and not work or school related? Those are for overall health assessment

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yeah, drugs.

Alcohol is a blood test.

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Not for work or school. I gave little bottles (pee) i was asked to out of nowhere. Anyway i wanted to say “Cheers” to nurses hahahhhahahahahahahahahah


Exactly, sometimes, I also see fangs from nurses, too jk, jk

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Thanks @Daze i was not sure

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