Thinking of going to AA

I feel pretty hypocritical because of all my sober talk and until yesterday I was. So I apologize. But yesterday I picked up a twelvy of IPA and I skipped my mess last night. Drinking again today. I can’t do this sobriety thing alone. So I’m gonna go to AA. Problem is I bet when I sober up I won’t go. Only when I drink do I want change


I had a good experience at AA.

Been clean and sober in AA for 25+ years. Highly recommend it.

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Good for you! Do u still attend classes? I’d prob be one of those that would need to attend all the time

Attending is still good for me. The AA program is sort of an ongoing ‘mindfulness’ exercise that helps with SZ as well as alcoholism. Also, there was someone there for me when I needed help so it’s my privilege to be there for the next alcoholic who wanders in.


“U r powerless over alcohol and only god can restore u to sanity.” That’s the AA motto so start praying. God hasnt helped me quit yet, but im starting dual diagnosis program asap.

My definition of God…

G ood
O rderly
D irection

That is MY Higher Power. And it has kept me sober for 25 years. I’ll leave worshipping the invisible dude in the sky to the chumps.

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Prayer isnt worship. But i guess i am a chump, so be it.

What you call prayer I call a mindfulness exercise. And I totally don’t do religion. Being religious is not a requirement of being sober in AA. You can choose a god of your understanding, and for many of us that means no god at all. And the program still works fine for us.

@Esm, seriously?

I’m glad that you believe religion will help you in this struggle, and I hope you’re correct. But you have got to stop insisting that it is the only thing that can help anyone. It simply isn’t true.

I just love it when people who know nothing about the program offer their opinions on it.

You’re definitely not a true Christian.

Sorry maybe this thread needs to be closed. I didn’t mean for it to be a fight. BUT don’t feel guilty! Alcoholics when sober can be on a fine edge all the time. It isn’t easy I know.

No worries, it ain’t you. AA is a good place for people of all faiths, including those of NO FAITH, to sober up. Please feel free to take in some meetings and form your own opinions. You’ll find that some meetings are better than others, so don’t base your opinion on just one meeting – sample several.

Wishing you luck.



Thank you! The meeting in my town is on Tuesday, so I’m gonna go and make it. I hope I don’t change my mind. I’m pretty determined this time tho. It’s obvious when I keep going back to the beer that I need support and can’t do it alone without other alchys quitting with me. Family telling you to quit just doesn’t cut it. I need something more hardcore apparently


It’s pretty selfish really what I did but I had extra money so I bought beer. I figured hey I worked hard I deserve it. But it’s wrecked my health and friendships and it will take my dream which is my career if I continue. I was so close too. I went a month sober but I couldn’t do it. I need support. I’m weak. All I have is myself I live alone

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Feel free to PM me anytime you need support with alcohol. I will find time for you.


I had a four year crack addiction and I used to get drunk pretty often. Addiction almost took everything in my life away from me. I regularly put myself in danger to get and use drugs. About 50% of the time I probably wasn’t even aware I was in danger. I had a nice upbringing in a affluent city. But I ended up going almost every day to the worst, most dangerous and hanging out in the city with the highest murder rate at the time in California from 1986-1990. That’s where drugs take you and alcoholism can take you to even worst places.

But then in 1990 I joined AA. I announced every week at a meeting that I was an addict but AA members didn’t mind if I attended the meetings and so I started going regularly but I eventually started going to AA, CA, and NA. Anyways, I joined the programs and eventually my craving for drugs went away and I’ve been clean ever since 1990. AA works. I’ve seen supposedly hopeless addicts and alcoholics rack up 10, 20, 30 years of sobriety and clean time. Anyways, I wish you luck. Take care.


i’m trying to quit drinking too, and one of my triggers was ‘rewarding’ myself to a drink when i felt i deserved it. now i try to find another way to ‘reward’ myself instead of drinking, such as a takeout meal, or a new cd, a new gadget or whatever. i’ve only been sober for 6 weeks but i found it’s gotten easier with time, i still miss it, but not as much as the first couple weeks. good luck with it.

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If you’re not knowledgeable about something, then refrain from commenting on it. It’s offensive to those who actually are familiar with it.

Doesn’t affect their chances at all. Like I said, you’re ignorant of how the program actually works. Please stop shoveling your religious crap on others.