Went to Hypnotherapy yesterday

When I meet the therapist,I just say all my problem and I felt better.i told the therapist about my BDD symptoms and wanting plastic surgery which was all crazy

He told me I look good and it’s my BDD symptoms which cause me body image issue and the rest is he hypnotize me and put me into a more relaxed state.

I hope I can maybe get over this soon,and move forward for a better life.I suffer from BDD after I was being bullied of my appearance during secondary school,I was always sensitive about my appearance since young.

I feel better after the therapy,I don’t think of plastic surgery so strongly anymore,which is a good

I met my friends after the therapy and talk a lot,I hope i can get over my sensitivity of my appearance,thanks for reading


I’ve seen your photos before. You are pretty good looking. Should have confidence in your appearance.


Thanks,I want to be less sensitive of appearance and focus on other things

I remember reading somewhere that the majority of people with scz are immune to hypnosis. Well, good on you for seeking treatment and being honest with not only the therapist but your friends!

Body dysmorphic disorder is a fascinating and frustrating problem. Fascinating because the best scientists still don’t exactly have it figured out, frustrating because man you are in killer shape and I myself had anorexia as a teen, so I know what it’s like to just not comprehend and feel okay with your reflection. I remember when I snapped out of it and saw my ribs and pelvic bone and spine. It was nasty. I was 110lbs now 177lbs and very athletic. Not fat, nope, 32in pants with a belt to keep them up and 42in hips, 40in chest. Far cry from when I was wearing an extra small. Now I look vain in a medium.

It’s debated whether the BDD is neurological or psychological, in fact it’s possibly neurological but there hasn’t been quite enough research on it. Part of the reason it was revised from my thesis (it’s part of anorexia). It’s unclear what causes it.

But all that matters is that you are aware and proactive about it. I think you’re doing really well to realize it, accept it yet seek help for it.

It took me about nine months of restricted eating and excessive exercise to begin to recover from my anorexia.

I then turned to manoerxia, thinking I was too small! So I went hardcore with bodybuilding and that’s like a legitimate disorder itself!

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hypnotherapy has helped me heaps :heart:
take care :alien:

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Thank you,i used to go to CBT for treatment but this time round I chose hypnotherapy,I don’t know if it’s useful effective but I know CBT did help me before,it’s proven(CBT)

I would give hypnotherapy another 2-3 try to see if it’s worth the money and session,but I think I do feel more relaxed after the session

My body dysmorphic disorder symptoms is worrying about how my face look,not my body.I need to care less,about how my face is since it’s not logical to do plastic surgery when I look okay with no defect on my face.I might be too greedy to wanna look like pop star

Hey man, you’re head and shoulders above most people with our illness in terms of how well you are aware of yourself and how well you do for yourself. You shouldn’t change your face, you should be proud of how you are and who you are.

I don’t hand that kind of talk out often. I really mean it, I identify with you and I understand what you say on here. It’s uncanny–how much I see traits of myself in you.

Worrying about your face is actually a clear indicator that you are doing well. Most people with schizophrenia have less trivial things on their minds. What I mean by that is that you are doing really well because you are in great shape (I’ve seen your selfies on here, I admire) and you have a stable occupation and on top of that you have friends. It’s like me worrying about making an A- when I have As in other classes. Worry of that nature means you are in fact kicking ass.

And, last but not least, you are seeking professional help, which is so important.

I say be proud of yourself by all means. That includes the way your face looks. I have a big forehead and narrow eyes. I just feel a little like I could look better but that I make up for it on all fronts…I make up for it just like you do.

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Thanks for the detail,you are a respected person be it on this forum or in your life.I have went out to make some friends and keep myself more active recently and it really helps.Yes I should be more acceptable of how I look and also try to be comfortable of how my face look like.I will need to really continue therapy be it CBT or Hypnotherapy to get some professional help