So I had therapy yesterday

Talked to my therapist. Have an appointment with psychiatrist the 20th.

Was a lot more honest than before. This was our 4th session. Did find out that some issues I have do not point to multiple personality. Just a bipolar symptom. I was really worried.

Touched on the narcissistic disorder. It’s a brand new dx. She’s happy I researched and am more than willing to work on that. Guess a lot of people deny it. I did at first until reading more.

Have to be real here, I’m sick and tired of all the dx’s medical and mental. The blood tests. The xrays. mRIs. Bone scans. Therapy even.

No, I won’t skip my meds. Just very tired. I already do most everything at home because my husband can’t anymore and my kids are damn lazy. Yes that needs to stop. Yesterday my husband started giving me crap when I got home e from therapy because a lot of things weren’t done. Sure everything is behind, dumbass, no one except the nut does anything! (Grumble grumble stop that line of thinking)

I cried because of it. Like ugly cry. Then UPS came and a friend of mine has sent me a tiara. A freaking tiara. I’d shared a video about mom’s deserving a tiara and holy cow now I have one. That made me cry a little more but not a sad one

That was a lot.

Tl,Dr; Therapy was good, a good mood got turned ugly by husband, got a tiara.

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Good on you, @ZombieMombie. BTW, did your therapist stick you with NPD? What does she know? Isn’t that for a psychiatrist to DX?

I’m with you in feeling sick of labels. Just want to take my Vraylar and have people leave me alone.

Therapists can diagnose axis 2 I think but I don’t trust them once my therapist threw the AVOIDANT personality disorder!!! At me. And that was bs. I wasn’t avoidant based on my personality it was because my mental sickness. I will never see that label again.


No, the hospital psychiatrists did. Therapist is pretty supportive. No medication for NPD so no worries on that.

I’d love to be left alone. Too much to do and too many depend on me. Need a backpacking retreat!

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Good for you for sticking up for yourself!


Nobody else will stick up for us.

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Ps you don’t seem like a narcissist personality but I don’t know u all that well enough yet… it’s kinda an extreme diagnosis that nobody wants. If u can find some acceptance in it, well I’d say you’re already ahead of the ballgame.

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Hey, @Jonnybegood, remember the poll you took of win,win, win versus being moral?

Wouldn’t you say we patients are more moral than the healthcare professionals? I find this to be all-too true.

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I think In general when we are healthy we are often very moral people.

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Im so sick of hospital pdocs diagnosing axis 2 disorders just to lighten their workload! It’s bullshirt. You can’t properly diagnose a personality disorder without spending months working with someone. But it’s good that you’re open to working on whatever symptoms you identified with. We all have unpleasant personality traits to work on.

I’m sorry you’re feeling like you can’t rely on your partner right now. Does he also have a disability that makes him unable to help out? Maybe you guys can go to couple’s counseling to work on feeling like a team again.

Reply for Ninjastar and Gratitude

Oh yeah, I fit the criteria. Psych ward docs have seen me 4 times each time 7 -10 days with daily visits to them. A team of two.

Boy do they know me

Hubby really can’t help. He has polyneuropathy brought on by a so far unknown condition. His feetandlefs are numb with nerve shocks and burning. So are his hands. It’s even sending shocks to his groin. He can’t walk far and drops everything. It’s a real huge change from just 2 years ago.

I’m sorry you’re both going through that. It’s hard to keep a level head all the time, especially when you’re dealing with so much stress and pain. Does he also see a therapist? It’s a good idea for someone going through a chronic and inexplicable illness. He’s bound to have a lot of frustration and anger towards himself, and when people feel that way, they sometimes turn it outward unfairly. If he can learn to talk about and come to terms with those feelings instead of deflecting them at you, you might fight less.

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Little update- great news just now on phone! Our autistic daughter can get into the specialist that first said at 16 she was too old.


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