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I had recently been obsessed about my looks and appearance and so obsessed that I cannot focus on my work and social life.Yesterday I got myself a book “Overcoming Body Dismorphic Disorder” to try to help myself overcome my obsessive thoughts and thinking about my appearance and face,

The book talk about rewarding yourself after some work done on overcoming BDD,i listed three reward if I had put in hard work
1.Drink or eat things I like
2.Go to some favourite forums I enjoy,which is this forum
3.Watch a favourite movies or shows

Anybody here also had experience dealing with BDD and also how do you usually like to reward yourself after some hardwork on anything you do?

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I was told I had it by my pdoc one time, after I had gone through a very rough 6+ months and hadn’t noticed my weight had dropped from 130lbs to 94lbs.
I mentioned I felt pretty “chunky” after eating 2 grilled cheese sandwiches right before I saw her.
She focused on that too much, but I still have a hard time when what I see in the mirror doesn’t match what I think I look like in my head.

i feel ugly out there. and some people some ulgy to me also…i dont know if this is dysmorphophobia but probably is also…or more derealisation thing…they should be similar though :confused:

I paste a sticker to block my handphone camera(the selfie part) to try to prevent myself from keep checking my appearance/face

This happens to me too. I’m fat from my perspective. I know I’m definetly not.
I have a lot of issues, I was almost anorexic at one point. I don’t really know how to deal with it. I eat normal now, I don’t eat too much but I don’t starve myself also.

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That is you overcome your anorexic,but you need to maintain your improvement

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Yes, I made a lot of progress this past year in that regard…

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