Went to emergency room, bad experience

I haven’t been doing too well lately. My wife says I am delusional, and I trust she knows best. Well it was the weekend and we didn’t know what to do, so they took me to the emergency room. I did not like the way the doctor talked to me. He seemed very condescending. My wife said he seemed caring, so maybe it was just me. But we are calling my pdoc tomorrow.

Trust your wife. She’s a free reality check.


They can sometimes catch things in ER that would save your life

I’m sorry to hear your hitting a rough patch… but congratulations on getting to the doc… it’s not easy.

I for one am not good at admitting I might need help when I do.

I’m glad you and your wife have a plan for tomorrow.

I hope you feel better soon. Hang in there…
I’m rooting for you.


Hope all goes well with your doctor-hang in there!