I need to do a reality check (help)

I went to the hospital a couple months ago to get help. I was suffering from a lot of delusions and was growing extremely angry and had very little insight as to the full scope of the delusions. anyway, i got into the ER and was put in the psych patient care room. A few minutes later a doctor i had never seen before comes in. She slouches in a very exaggerated way. she continued to mock me in her speech and mannerisms. Shes rude. and after i explain what my problem was to the best of my ability at the time, she tells me “I dont believe you, you look fine to me”. I was very surprised and angry, and decided to leave.

I’m curious if this is a hallucination? I have a bad reputation at this hospital so maybe they just want me to F off?

I pretty much had the exact same thing to me… And it wasn’t a hallucination.

Before my diagnosis 3 general Drs said my hallucinations and feeling not real were from stress. Its not until I nearly killed myself, bcz voices told me I am God and won’t die, that they let me see a psychiatrist in the emergency due to intentional overdose intoxication. Here you can’t see a psychiatrist without a referral from a general Dr.

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