Today I felt more normal than I have done in years

Two things happened.

Firstly I started training cardio for the first time in years. I bought a elipse machine to have at home. I have only used it twice for 20minutes last thursday and today and am already feeling a lot more motivated and positive. My body is telling me it’s happy to get excersise.

Second I started supplementing with taurine which is supposedly the most abundant amino acid in the brain.

I felt some positives from supplementing with NAC before. Now I learned that NAC, glycine and glutamate are precursors to taurine. Anyways I feel that taurine might be helping me even more than NAC. At least worth checking out for those who have positive experience with NAC.


Funny you say that, I posted this a while back


Cool, I’ll have to check it out

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I’m doing 1500mg spread in 3 doses across the day right now. Supposedly it can be taken safely in supplement up to 3000mg a day.

Interestingly I came across a article that said most people can synthesize taurine in their bodies, but a few people may possibly not and depend on getting it from food. Meaning mostly unprocessed fish and meat.

Also there is the possibility that the AP is messing up the synthesize process and/or depletes it from the body as you say.


I noticed I couldn’t take it long term. I had to take breaks from it. I started getting aches and pains. Especially in my neck.

I see. Thanks for the tip. Will watch out for that.


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