Went out to eat tonight

With my two sisters. Mexican food. We sat outside and talked for an hour a half. I think it was a success. This Saturday I go to my ex-brother-in-laws funeral or memorial. I wrote about him before. He had a stroke from mixing meth, pills, and alcohol about two months ago. A sad story, he had a lot going for him until meth wrecked his life and eventually killed him.

that’s good, I need that too.

don’t know any meth stories, but a lot of heroin wrecks… it sucks

Sorry about your brother man,it seems that stuff is wrecking everyone these days,that’s great that you have family to spend time with.

Mexican is my favorite,it’s like pizza even if it’s comparatively bad it’s still pretty good.

How tragic. I hope we all can learn from this.

Yeah, that is really sad, Nick. Sorry for your loss.

Great that your family is there for you,

in good times and bad.