Day from hell, and its all ok now

This seems to be a regular thing now. At least I’m getting a few good hours before I go to bed. I’m trying to figure out why things are like this, or if there’s no reason. It could be protracted benzo withdrawal.

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My day wasn’t fun either.

I witnessed a fight at McDonald’s and it triggered my anger. I’m afraid of myself when I get angry, and the feeling lasts for hours.


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The Big Mac lost… which is further proof that it should be called the Medium Mac.

The Fish Filet took the win…

ewww fish is gross.

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The butterscotch pudding was the winner back in my day, justice had been served, but the girl got sent to her room for 3 days.
@everhopeful, sorry your day sucked, but I always think when that happens, it couldn’t get any worse, but I couldn’t be more wrong.
When you find out what causes these rotten days, please post and share with us here too.

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